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Special Edition: Leica Q2 Ghost by Hodinkee


The latest special edition of the Leica Q2 is designed in collaboration with Hodinkee, one of the leading platforms for watches. The Q2 “Ghost” pays tribute to the iconic diving watch known as “Ghost Bezel” among Watch connoisseurs. The design is inspired by the classic watch with its grey bezel.

The special follows the 2019 M10-P “Ghost” cooperation with Hodinkee. The new camera is also available as part of the Q2 “Ghost” set, limited to 150 examples worldwide and sold exclusively through the Hodinkee website from today.

The “Ghost” by Hodinkee Q2 features a grey cowhide covering with an additional protective coating. The top cover and lens are painted in light grey, and the red Leica logo has been omitted. The special edition includes a round-woven carrot strap in grey (Hey, sorry about the typo, readers, and this should have been “carry strap”, but carrot strap is too good to delete…)

Technically, the new camera is identical to the Q2 series model.

The “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee is adorned with imprinted Leica lettering on the top cover. In addition, two engravings in the display glass show the respective special serial number, between 001/150 and 150/150, as well as the set name. The set features a silver thumb rest, a grey carrying strap, and a certificate of authenticity.

The price of the Leica Q2 “Ghost” special edition is £5,180 (including UK tax) and will be available from all Leica Stores, Leica Online and authorised dealers from 8 December 2022.



  1. “The special edition includes a round-woven carrot strap in grey.“
    What is a “round-woven carrot strap”? Are other vegetable woven straps available?

  2. As soon as the rumours of a Hodinkee x Leica Q type started flying, my immediate thought was, I hope it’s not just another ghost edition..and…sure enough. For some reason the video of the guy in the dunes wearing a leather jacket seemingly miles from anywhere made me laugh. It just looks somewhat contrived and posy, which of course it is. I wonder if his plane got shot down in the desert and he suddenly thought, hey, I’ll take a few snaps. Maybe his motorbike got stuck in the sand? Who knows. Funny too, is the fact that although they call it a ghost edition it isn’t very invisible in use.Quite the opposite effect. At least the red dot has been spirited away.
    I’d get the black one and wear a nice watch to show I read Hodinkee 🙂

    • A cool guy in a cool place with a cool camera, shooting ghosts; it breaks all the camera appeals of a discreet and elegant photographer tool. If having the intention to buy it, after watching it I’ll better go for some other brand

  3. I wonder what painting the lens with Carrot juice does for the pictures? Maybe resulting in a sort of Red Letter day? Wow my mind boggles, what next? Don

      • Perhaps, though beta-carotene, as you know has photo sensitive properties, that’s why it’s used for solar protection products, so my guess is they probably painted the sensor too.
        I’ll go better for the following Bugs Bunny edition

        • The new version is the “Lucille & Ginger” LE which will come in matching pairs where the body of one is covered in ginger/carrot colored ostrich leather with a black top plate, and the other with a silver top plate. Both come with a special plaid-woven beta-carotene and black squid ink dyed strap.


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