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Leica Accessories: Leather case for the Visoflex 2 and a soft leather camera wrap


Two new accessories from Leica help to keep your equipment in pristine condition. A leather case, with soft interior padding, is the ideal protection for the Visoflex 2, the latest viewfinder which attaches to the Leica M11 camera.

The Visoflex 2 leather case will sell for £115, including VAT.

The second item is a rather unusual multi-purpose 45 x 45cm leather wrap intended to protect cameras, lenses or other valuable equipment. It is made from a very soft napa sheepskin. The retail price of the wrap is £130, including tax.

Both items are available from Leica stores and authorised retailers. Find full details here.


  1. A day late and a dollar short is Leica, I have been buying from ROCK AND ROLL their soft Napa wraps comes in four sizes. Last I knew three colors.

  2. For the price of the Visoflex 2, I think Leica cheaped out once again with the drawstring bag that it comes supplied with. The old EVF 020 from the M10 came with a nice pouch. The new box too for the M11, no doubt more eco-friendly but surely more likely to end up in landfill than say an M10, M240, M9 box… just sayin’

    Does anyone use a leather wrap? Now I’m just curious.

  3. I have a 40x40xm leather wrap that used to be sold by German camera shop Monochrom. As a practical matter, a neoprene wrap makes a lot more sense.

    Oddly, Leica doesn’t make a version of its camera cases for the M11 with Visoflex 2 mounted. The standard M cases can’t cope with the protrusion so I ended up going with a Zing SLR cover, small size, that works just fine.

  4. Remembers me of a joke I read on an old photography magazine reviewing an R Leica reflex (perhaps the R4) having a battery compartment that you should unscrew with a twopence coin. The joke ran that Leica offered a special edition twopence Leica coin for Just twenty pounds.


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