Saturday, August 24, 2019

Dublin Zoo: Just William, a brace of Fujis and an orangutan or two

William took his Fujis and a bunch of lenses to say hello to the animals at Dublin Zoo.....

Advent declutter underway, thanks to Jorrit and Nicky

Inspired by the Good Life with Nicky and Jorrit in Cumbria, Bill throws away a thing or two….

The Dennis Severs House: A unique museum in the heart of Spitalfields

Mike relives some memories when he visits the unique Denis Severs House museum at 18 Folgate Street in Spitalfields.

John Brockliss: Three acclaimed images from an outstanding collection

John Brockliss is a Leica photographer I have long admired. His exhibitions and his published works speak for themselves.

Starting Photography: Cheap rig, no shortage of talent

How to start in photography? Well, er, hum, let's see. Mike gives some advice and is surprised by the results.

My grandfather, the watch collector

Once upon a time, there was a man whose young grandson loved him very much.

A Tale of Two Horse Shows: From Dublin to Doha and back

William visits two horse shows, 5,000km apart, and takes the odd photograph...

Casio QV-10: Knight in shining armour at the International Motor Cycle Show

How one of the world's first commercially available digital cameras, the Casio QV-10, came to the rescue of the press office at the 1995 International Motorcycle Show.

Leica M-D and M-A go out in the noonday sun

Excitement this Saturday morning in London. It's the first outing for the new Leica M-D and Adam Lee has come along as well to give us some film I input. We are here at Leica Store Mayfair borrowing an M-A to take out for the day. Comparisons later.

Practice and Practice: Inspiration from Garry Winogrand

You can study photography until the cows come home but it won’t give you experience. The best way to become proficient is always to carry a camera with you, always to practice taking photographs, always to learn on the hoof. Most shots will be crap, even after experience; but gradually practice makes better, if never perfect.