Friday, February 21, 2020

Micro four-thirds and macro photography


Balancing exposure for natural light macro photography can be easier with a smaller sensor where wider apertures do not restrict the depth of field drastically. Sometimes the wider depth of field of the micro four-thirds sensor can have its advantages....

Email Etiquette: Keep on keepin’ on


How to start and end emails is a constant worry. Formal, informal, downright rude; it's a minefield compared with the familiar conventions of letter writing.....

Pentax S1a: Getting into film the cheap way


Film is enjoying new-found popularity, perhaps as an antidote to digital excess. But you don't need to shell out £500 on a Leica M3. Why not buy a solid and very capable Pentax or Olympus? The camera and lens could cost less than processing your first roll of film. And these old SLRs carry a lot of street cred....

2040: The all-electric Utopia as carbon fuels fizzle out


Ban all those petrol and diesel cars! In a supreme exercise in wishful thinking the British government has announced that after 2040 no new internal-combustion cars will be sold. Mike has already been there, done that and he has just a few reservations.....

Baby bear camera to go with your Hasselblad outfit


What do you do when you work for Hasselblad, have the run of the candy store and yet want a really lightweight and versatile camera to throw in an overnight bag. Ming Thein has faced the problem head on and comes up with an interesting conclusion. But it's not the camera you would think of.....

Bièvres: Europe’s largest open-air photo fair is a magnet for enthusiasts


Now in its 54th year, the massive Bièvres photo fair brings traders from all over Europe and visitors from around the world. If you are into old cameras, this is a weekend to savour.....

T.E.Lawrence, his love of Brough Superior and a conspiracy theory


Our story on the death of Lawrence of Arabia has prompted some further anecdotes and a suggestion that T.E.Lawrence might have been murdered.....

Ducati: Object of a young man’s desire


When Mike was young and impressionable he met a Ducati Elite and fell in love. At the time, though, he didn't know that he could have had a matching rangefinder camera....

Kai Wong meets Martin Parr


Another entertaining video from Kai Man Wong, newly settled back in England. He's interviewed Martin Parr this time, worth a looksee.

Ricoh GR: A camera that has become a cult object


For Mike, the Ricoh is a little camera he throws in the bag without thinking. Whatever equipment he chooses, the Ricoh is there as well. Just what is it that has turned this unpretentious little camera into a cult object?