Saturday, July 4, 2020

Fuji X takes time for a day at the agricultural fair


Can there be anyone still reading who doesn’t want to hurry off right now to their local agricultural fair?  Well, I hope you will at least give one a try? The doughnuts are delicious!

Fuji X20: Blast from the past takes on Kyoto in the rain


We arrived in historic heritage Kyoto in drizzling rain, and the weather stayed that way while we were there. So, what to do? The little backup Fuji X20 came to the rescue.....

Cormorants Reconsidered: Birds of ill omen get makeover


Cormorants have had a bad press. But David thinks all the ill-omen stuff is overdone. These birds are remarkable creatures he believes.....

Resort Abandoned: The decline of a popular resort from the 1960s to today


A resort of choice in the 1960s has become a derelict reminder of what once was. These photographs show what 50 years of neglect can achieve...

Contax: A tale of two beautiful but unused cameras


Quite by chance two classic Contax cameras and a bunch of lenses came John's way. They were crying out to be used but in the end they have languished on the shelf. John explains why.....

Golden Hour: The joy of early rising


Early to bed, early to rise: Few of us have the discipline to jump out of bed at 5.30 every morning. But that's the time to catch the delights of the golden hour on your camera......

Composition, light and an introduction to Fuji mirrorless photography


Where's all the Fuji gone? David wondered why Macfilos has been light on Fuji in the past few months. So we signed him up as a contribitor. Here he explains why he moved from DSLR to mirrorless and what he likes about the Fuji system.....

Focus stacking on Panasonic cameras


Focus stacking is made easier with new software now available for Panasonic cameras. This little guide could help....

Hassle with my Hasselblad: Is film dead (again)?


Five years ago John had a final fling with film. He bought himself a long-coveted Hasselblad outfit. But it was one experiment too far and he's now back with digital. For good.....

Brooklands 1973 and the last of the Bentley Boys


Back in 1974 Don was sent to Brooklands to photograph the famous designer Barnes Wallis. It led to an invitation to an exclusive reunion of pre-war car racing drivers on the circuit the same weekend.....