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Doc Tries a New Prescription


Visited my doctor yesterday and my hypochondria took a back seat when I spied a brand new, shiny MacBook Pro on his desk. It turns out that two weeks ago he had a sudden fit of madness and raided the local Apple Store. In addition to the laptop he'd bought a 24in iMac and an iPhone. He was absolutely delighted, as are all converts. We talked Mac until I'd forgotten why I went to see him. There's a point to this item: he was running Windows on Parallels Desktop because he had a Microsoft Access medical database he couldn't do without. Where, he asked, had the @ sign gone to. I suppose this is a common question among ex-PC users and the answer is simple. When running Windows on the Mac via Parallels, the Mac keyboard becomes a PC keyboard, with all the buttons in the usual PC places. So the @ is produced by pressing the " (double quote) key. A quick glance at a nearby PC keyboard will usually help.


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