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Keeping an Eye on the Rumours


Buying a new laptop only to find there's a new model around the corner can be an annoying experience. Apple, in common with most manufacturers, tend to be secretive about up-coming models and it's hard to know when to jump into the market. Recently there have been rumours about an updated MacBook, perhaps with a more rounded Air-style case. And there are persistent rumours about new iPods, including the Nano and the Touch, with many pundits expecting them to be announced next Tuesday (September 9) at the publicised Apple event. It certainly pays to keep up to date with developments and to read all these rumours because they can help you plan your next upgrade and stop you making a mistake. My favourite site for up-to-the-minute information is Mac Rumors (without the u) and it is worth keeping a regular eye on postings. You can set it up as an RSS feed to OS X Mail or even to the iPhone using an application such as NetNewsWire (iTunes Apps Store). Also, on the iPhone, you can simply click on a web site's RSS feed logo and it will be fed into Safari's address bar. You will see the feed in Safari and all you need do is bookmark the page for future viewing.


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