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After several months with the iPhone 3G I am still amazed by the utility of this device. It does almost everything well and provides hours of entertainment. There are one of two shortcomings, however.  One is the lack of cut-and-paste. We have been waiting for this to be added in the last two software updates, but it seems to be low down on Apple's list. 
The second problem is the absence of multi-tasking (except in relation to phone and iPod functions). I seem to spend a lot of time waiting for my frequently-used applications (such as OmniFocus, Bloomberg, Splash Money) to load. Switching frequently between applications is a pain because the current application must close and the new one must open. Having been used to multi-tasking on my old Treo 750 (with Windows Mobile) I miss the advantage.  
However, by far the biggest improvement would be the addition of support for an external keyboard. This could take the form of a small, foldable device similar to those available for PDAs and many phones. Or a bluetooth link to the existing Apple bluetooth keyboard would be ideal. This lightweight aluminium keyboard is small and packable and would perfectly complement the iPhone 3G equipped with a simple prop stand.


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