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The arrival of the iPhone has completely changed my view of on-the-move computing. Up to this year I would have been convinced that something light and heftable, such as the MacBook Air. I put my money down and bought a first-generation Air. In many ways the Air is excellent–light weight, thin but with a useful size screen. I carried it around for some months and thought I had finally cracked the problem of on-the-move computing.
The iPhone is just so capable and is the better companion for day-to-day travels. The keyboard is a shortcoming, of course, but the iPhone represents an all-in-one communication and entertainment device. For email, task management (Omni Focus) and internet browsing, the iPhone offers all that you could expect from such a small device. I have had several iPods before, but have never been a great one for on-the-move music. 
Now, since getting my iPhone 3G I have  discovered podcasting and now regularly listen to the casts on my daily walks and on longer journeys. It's a good feeling to be organised and have everything you need in your pocket. As the iPhone and it's major competitors develop greater functionality and easy of use, this positive user experience can only improve. 


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