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iTunes Uni: new campus for the masses


This one slipped under the radar as far as I'm concerned. In addition to all the usual iTunes goodies, including podcasts, we now have the iTunes University. As an avowed podcast fan, I was fascinated to find that university lectures and, in some cases, complete courses, have their own iTunes section and are available for downloading now. I'm halfway through a series on Old English by Dr. Stuart Lee of Oxford University and I have also downloaded two audio tours of the British Library which I will try out on site at the Library in the near future. The concept is excellent and the list of content grows by the day. Definitely worth a browse.


  1. Eric,I haven’t checked itunesuni.com. I’ve been looking at the iTunes Store. A search on iTunes Uni brings up the list of available downloads. Bear in mind I am in the UK so there may be different content. However, I see lots of American university stuff, so probably you get the same list wherever you are.


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