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iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking, unified Mail and more


Author: Michael Evans

Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 event got underway at 10 am Pacific Time, presented by no less than Steve Jobs. Here's a quick review of the presentation of the new operating system courtesy of Engadget's live feed.

First a bit of background:

iPad sales

  • Sold 450,000 iPads to today
  • 600,000 iBooks downloaded so far
  • 3.5 million iPad apps downloaded
  • 3,500 iPad apps in App Store

iPhone progress

  • 50 million iPhones sold
  • 85 million iPhone+iPod touch combined

Now to the meat:

iPhone OS 4.0 shipping this Autumn, developer preview today

    New framework called Accelerate for hardware accelerated math functions

      100 new user features including

        • Spell check
        • Gift apps
        • Create playlists

        • 5x digital zoom

        • Places in photos

        • Home screen wallpaper 

        Bluetooth keyboard connection

          Multitasking – "going to be the best" without taking a battery hit

            • Home button accesses dock-like list of running apps 

            • Background audio and VOIP – stay connected to Skype while accessing other applications
            • Background location – TomTom in background while using other apps

            • Location apps – status indicator to show something asking for your location

            • Push notifications, local notifications

            • Task completion (such as uploading data) in background

            • Fast app switching – saving state of apps for later instant restart 


            • Move apps into folders, multi-app folders appear in dock 

            • Unlimited folders, can now see 2,000 apps on phone instead of 180

          Unified Mailbox

            • Multiple Exchange accounts
            • Fast inbox switching
            • Threaded messages
            • Open attachments with apps


            • Similar to iBooks on iPad
            • Wireless sync between platforms, sync pages and bookmarks

          Features for Enterprise

            • Better data protection
            • Mobile device management
            • Wireless app distribution
            • Exchange Server 2010, multiple accounts
            • SSL VPN support 

          Game Centre

            • 50,000 game titles in App Store (Nintendo DS = 4,300)
            • Social gaming network
            • Friend invitations
            • Matchmaking
            • Leaderboards
            • Achievements

          iAd interactive advertisements

            • Mobile advertising, better than ads in apps
            • Clicking on ad keeps you within application
            • More emotion and interactivity in ads
            • Built into iPhone OS

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