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Amazon Kindle: UK eBook Store opens at last. Or does it?



Author: Michael Evans

Much as I now like and rely on the Kindle store for my eBooks, I have been yearning for the launch of the UK store. After a month or two with the US site, I am now thoroughly sick of selecting a choice marked "Kindle edition available" only to be told that it is not allowed in the UK for copyright reasons. And, where possible, I do prefer to buy books with English rather than American spelling. Call me perverse, but it does make for a smoother reading experience.

This morning when I opened Amazon.com I was delighted to see a banner urging me to the new UK store. Shop now! I was entreated.

Sadly, when I do try to Shop now! I find the old Amazon.co.uk store with nary a mention of Kindle or Kindle books  (other than a suggestion to buy a reader from Amazon.com in dollars). Maybe I am being particularly dense today, but search as I may I can find no Kindle books on these shores. So I cannot Shop now! Sorry Amazon.

Amazon Old Chap, this isn't good enough. But I forgive you all because of Whispersync–for the moment. And please tell us whether or not you have hidden the new store somewhere where customers cannot find it.


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