Home Tech iPad Charger: Powers iPhones, iPods as well as iPads

iPad Charger: Powers iPhones, iPods as well as iPads



Author: Michael Evans

Since January I have been wondering if the new 10w power adaptor for the iPad would be compatible with iPhones and iPods. The answer is yes, according to iLounge today. This is good news for frequent travellers who really don't need to add yet another piece of kit to the cable and connector bag. 

One charger will not do all, except for the larger units needed for MacBooks and MacBook Pros of course. It will not be long before the accessory market comes up with similar 10w chargers that will take care of most USB power requirements.

According to the report, the unit dynamically adjusts output to the 500mA needed for iPods, the 1A of iPhones and the 2.1A of iPads.  See more pictures and text in the full story here.


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