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iPad Delay: End of May for world release, month late


Author: Michael Evans

Aw shucks, just when I was booking my place in the queue at the London Regent Street Apple Store, I hear from a BBC report that Apple is delaying the world release of the iPad until the end of May. They will start taking pre-orders on May 10. The company has blamed the delay on the demand in the US which, it says, has been "surprisingly strong". It's also a bit unfair on those of us who live outside the USA. 

The BBC mentioned that hundreds of new iPad owners complained about connection problems on the Apple support pages shortly after the launch on April 3. Apple suggested a fix, but problems are still being reported according to the BBC. It quotes one complainant: "Nothing works. It connects when it wants and the bars go up and down when I sit in the same spot in my house.

However, while we may infer that the delay could be something to do with this problem–and the need to get it right–one analyst, Ian Fogg from Forrester Research told BBC News that Apple's reason for the delay was "credible."


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