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iPhone: Conqueror of the volcanic dust cloud


Author: Michael Evans 

Just where would I have been over the past four days as a dust-cloud victim without my trusty iPhone? It's appropriate in a way that the saga started in Switzerland because the iPhone is truly the new Swiss Army knife of portable communications.

After being grounded in Geneva on my flight from Athens to London, I spent two days kicking my heels in Switzerland while flight after flight was cancelled. 

I'd rented a car because there were no hotel rooms within a 100km of Geneva. Finally, I had had enough and pointed the Hertz Ford Fiesta in the direction of Calais.

Apart from being an essential email and phone tool, my iPhone has been finding hotels, checking availability of tickets and, primarily, helping me on the 500 miles north west towards England. TomTom has really come into it's own, despite the difficult circumstances. 

And in my spare minutes the phone has kept me entertained with podcasts, Kindle books and NetNewsWire feeds. I don't think I could have managed without it.

Now I am typing this post in the international train station at Lille where I've secured one of those rarer-than-rocking-horse-manure Eurostar tickets to London. Again, thank you iPhone.


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