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Apple TV: Loewe roars into view


Only last week I was walking through an expensive London department store when I fell over a stylish but expensive Loewe television. I had been wondering what had happened to Loewe, once a well-known brand in its native Germany. Now, according to Apple Insider, this rather exclusive manufacturer is to be taken over by Apple. Loewe has always been a niche market, somewhat lower down the scale than B&O, that is seldom seen outside Germany. It’s not the run-of-the-mill stuff you find in Curry’s, Comet or Best Buy. 

I am left wondering just what Apple hopes to gain from buying a prestige brand such as Loewe, unless it is for patents. I would have thought that the Apple brand alone would spell success if the company did decide to go into the tv business. No doubt all will be revealed before the end of this year. Loewe has officially denied that it is in the frame.


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