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How to send an analog tweet


Send him a get-well postcard said the wife of an ancient friend, languishing in hospital after a nasty fall. A postcard, indeed. I was horrified, helpless but duty bound.

There was no electronic way out so, after a week of procrastination, I spent 70 cents on a postcard of Mykonos, complete with windmills. It has been glaring at me accusingly for the past half hour. I have no enthusiasm to write.

Then I realised this card is actually an analogue tweet. It certainly eases the mental burden. Add 140 characters of effusive good wishes on the left of the card, @hospital on the right and I’m in business. Except, that is, for spending 78 cents more on a stamp and hoping the card will arrive before my friend is discharged from hospital.

If this is yesterday’s world I don’t want any of it.

by Mike Evans, 24 August 2012

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