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Squarespace iOS iPad app gets interim upgrade


Since migrating Macfilos from Squarespace 5 to the new platform 6, the Squarespace iOS apps have been virtually unusable. As far as my experience is concerned, it has been impossible successfully to send a post from the iPad app. Now, at last, we have an interim upgrade that should enable direct posting. This is by way of a test to see if it works.

Squarespace 6 also prevents postings from off-line editors such as the popular MarsEdit. I relied heavily on MarsEdit on the Mac for preparing offline posts. It is particularly useful when working in areas of bad reception where you want a quick and accurate editor with the ability to prepare headlines, categories and tags for subsequent instant posting. Since moving to SS6 everything has to be done through the rather quirky and buggy on-line text editor. It is unsatisfactory in Safari on the Mac and virtually unusable on iOS Safari. Posting to Squarespace 6 has been a deeply frustrating experience over the past few months.

The updated iPad app is, I hope, only the first step in putting this right. We are promised a full makeover in the near future and it cannot come a day too soon. It is perhaps too much to hope for a quick fix to reinstate MarsEdit compatibility, but we certainly do need some sort of off-line post preparation software.

*by Mike Evans, 1 November 2012*

VERDICT: The posting process from the new app went smoothly. I subsequently added the above screenshot from the iPad’s camera roll. The iPad app gives no control over picture placement, but otherwise does a good job. In addition to being able to make new posts, the revised app allows editing of pre-existing posts, something that was impossible under the old version.



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