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Macfilos: Time for a trim and a bright new style

 Photo: Mike Evans, Sony RX1, f/2.5 at 1/200s ISO 100. 100 percent crop.
Photo: Mike Evans, Sony RX1, f/2.5 at 1/200s ISO 100. 100 percent crop.

Macfilos is now nearly five years old and it is time for a bit of a trim and a new style. I have learned a lot about running a web site in these past years. As a journalist with 50 years’ experience in the communications field, I enjoy writing and do it primarily for my own benefit these days. The site is a non-profit hobby and I write about what interests me. I don’t answer to anyone but, despite that, I feel an affection and responsibility for my regular readers and occasional visitors.


Recently, though, I have felt constrained by the Mac-centric blog title and have been expanding into other areas, particularly into photography which is another of my passions. There is nothing I can do about the name Macfilos, but I do not think that matters too much. However, I have decided to start the sixth year with a policy of writing on a variety of subjects as my interest is captured. This could be travel related, technology, photography, books or another of my current interests. l hope that what I write will interest you also.

I have already softpedalled on technology news because there has not been man exciting Apple developments around recently. Instead I intend to concentrate more on reviews and longer articles that explore my interests. I admit I have felt guilty about writing about non-Mac subjects, feeling that in some way this was a betrayal of loyal readers. But I have to say that some of my most popular posts over the past year have been about photography. One article, on using Leica lenses on a Fuji X-E1 body has brought thousands of readers and heads my all-time popularity list, second only to the story on using an external Thunderbolt SSD as a main and boot disk for an old iMac with slow internal HDD.

New image

In future I will do more on photography if the fancy takes me. But expect more coverage of technology and Apple products in particular when the current silly season at Cupertino comes to an end. Not much has happened in the past six months but I believe this is about to change. To mark the anniversary (which actually takes place in July) the site we have adopted a new image over the weekend and I hope you like the cleaner look.

Whatever interest brings you to Macfilos, thank you for your support and your time over the past five years. I hope I have been able to keep you entertained during your visits and that I will continue to see you regularly.



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