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Sony A7r: An impending arrival


At long last, when every man and his dog has had his paws on the Sony A7, my A7r is ready for collection at my local dealer, R.G.Lewis in Holborn. For some weeks I have been twiddling my adapters (M and R) in anticipation of getting to grips with the new wundervollframe Japanese upstart. I’ve spent the time reading dozens of reviews of the camera and will be well equipped to give my verdict. This weekend, though, I am nose-to-grindstone at Eric Kim’s London streettog workshop. I’ve decided to take the M Monochrom and a simple 35mm Summicron along for the ride. So the new Sony will have to wait until Monday before I can start to appreciate it. I intend to carry it to Berlin next week for a peek at the various Kristkindlemarkt’s dotted around the Prussian capital. They should be good for some good colour.


  1. Well done Mike, I was told on Friday to be a bit more patient (like early 2014 patient) despite having pre-ordered in early November (surely that was late already).
    But let’s be positive, it is not that bad given that I am learning how to use the M in the meantime…

    • The camera arrived on Friday and I have done nothing more than take it out of the box and charge the battery. I had thought to take it to the Eric Kim workshop but decided to stick with the devil I know. I am looking forward to trying it next week First impressions: It is deceptively light but the lenses stick out more than i anticipated thanks to the adapter and the built-in collar which Sony fits in order to achieve the required distance from lens mount to sensor. This adds 1.8cm to the length of the lens. The R mount is even bigger and I haven’t tried that yet. So far so good, and very promising. I suspect I might prefer the A7r to the Leica M.

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