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Hooverphilia: An unnatural obsession with vacuum cleaners


When I reviewed Dyson’s battery-powered DC59 earlier this month I was only joking about being obsessed. In fact, now the Dyson seems to do everything I need, it is only a matter of time before its predecessors go to eBay or the local charity shop. I am not a hoarder. Despite this, I couldn’t resist this story in the Daily Mail about people who are indeed totally obsessed with hoovers of various vintages and types.

Take 38-year-old Guido Ligorio in Italy who has 127 hoovers swamping his one-bedroom apartment. Or Scott Macmillan from Texas. At only 16 years old he is already totally smitten and guards a collection of 304 vacuum cleaners. Over in Cape Town, Gareth Sheen numbers over 40 Dysons among the 204 hoovers in his collection. He even sleeps with one tucked under his arm and has named the family dog Dyson. His wife Joanne appears to be pretty sanguine about all this.

I now feel completely normal.