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Leica SL: New Rock n’Roll straps crafted for the new system camera


 Evris has adapted the successful Rock n
Evris has adapted the successful Rock n’Roll to handle the extra weight of the SL and its zoom lenses with a custom fixing for the SL’s S-style lugs

The SL took most accessory manufacturers by surprise and, so far, alternative straps to the standard Leica offering—the SL has S-type slots instead of the standard lugs on the M and other Leica compacts—have been noticeably absent.

Ahead of the game, Evris Papanikolas of the rapidly expanding TieHerUp brand has been notably quick off the mark, encouraged by such luminaries as Thorsten von Overgaard and Jono Slack who have both become TieHerUp addicts.

So much so, in fact, that the Rock n’Roll strap for standard-lug cameras has already attracted a cult following. Now, Evris has adapted the RnR to the extra weight and slot-format lugs of SL.

In common with Thorsten and Jono, I’m already a great fan of the RnR and have one on my Monochrom. Love it. I can see it taking over from Barton’s Braidy in my affections. Evris is sending me a sample of the SL version which I will have waiting for when Leica’s marketing guru, Jenny Hodge, produces the anticipated road test camera. Optimistic memo to Jenny: I could collect it when I return the T on January 4….

In the meantime you can learn more from the TieHerUp website.


  1. Hi To all. Michael, Luigi here. I can’t resist (too)… I designed and introduced my new "Genius" special strap since late November 2015 (for Mr. Jonathan Sxxxx), and posted his pictures in my site (straps page), and in my FB page, WELL before the umptenth copy of a my item, which I see posted as the "1st…" made ! Sorry. Perhaps my silence would be better… Ciao, Luigi, Leicatime, Roma

    • Dear Luigi, thank you for your comment which I was pleased to see. Indeed I am aware of your excellent products although I hadn’t seen your SL strap. If you would like to send some pictures and details I will be happy to review it. Unfortunately at the moment o don’t have an SL to hand–still waiting for a press demonstrator.

  2. I recently bought a beautiful leather strap from 1901 fotografi for my Fuji XT1 Graphite. They come in a range of colour and widths and would look lovely on rangefinder style cameras.


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