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Leica M7 Down: Zeiss Ikon now sits at right hand of Hamish Gill


Hamish Gill writes:

It’s an interesting camera the Zeiss Ikon. They seem to garner a level of approval that’s often vocalised in broad sweeping terms such as “better than a Leica”. Yet despite this, they don’t seem to be all that common. Being a big fan of the Leica M7, I must admit that I have for a long time been a little more than intrigued by these claims. In fact, prior to my decision to buy a Leica M7, I flirted with the idea of a Zeiss Ikon for quite a while. In the end though, a combination of not being able to find one in good enough condition, and having a sinking feeling that I’d just end up selling it to buy a Leica meant that I just paid an extra few quid and bought the M7. The irony is, some two years down the line I’ve just sold the Leica M7 and bought – you guessed it – a Zeiss Ikon…

Read more about Hamish’s migration to the Zeiss Ikon at 35mmc




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