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Hasselblad to announce X1D medium-format mirrorless camera today


Hasselblad is today expected to launch the world’s first medium-format mirrorless camera at a very competitive price, said to be $9,000 in the USA. The X1D is likely to feature a 50MP sensor. The leaked pictures show a control screen with layout and icons reminiscent of those on the Leica T. Initially there will be two lenses, a 45mm f/3.5 at around $2,300 and a 90mm f/3.2 at around $2,700. 

These prices, for Hasselblad (and looking back to the disastrous and ruinously expensive Sony adaptations of the past couple of years) are much lower than I would have expected. If the body comes in at £7,500 in the UK it will be an attractive proposition for anyone wishing to get on the MF bandwagon. 

Sources: Petapixel and DIYPhotography

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