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Film’s Not Dead: Save five stops with this fast mover


Sometimes we see things and make entirely the wrong assumptions. Yet not everything is as it seems, especially not this little yellow box which, at first glance, shouts Kodak. Could it be a new oriental film? Perhaps an ultra-high ISO celluloid to save us a few f-stops? The fact that it contains 36 “exposures” lends weight to the argument. But this little box, which is the spitting image of a film package, hides something much more prosaic than some new-fangled celluloid. Chinese and Japanese speakers will immediately know and, consequently, will certainly not be fooled. The box hails from Hong Kong, probably from Watson’s The Chemist, and contains nothing more exciting than 36 anti-diarrhoea tablets. Cheers!

Technical Note: A Japanese friend tells me that  正露丸(Seirogan) is Japan’s most famous medicine for such afflictions. Apparently it comes in black or white tablets (monochrome, no less!) of which foul tasting black is the most potent. Only to be taken for critical cases of the trots and definitely not recommended for street photography. 


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