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Hasselblad: Gone west within 24 hours


Readers will be interested that John Shingleton’s Hasselblad outfit, which he reported on in his article yesterday, has sold — and to a Macfilos reader in Western Australia, thus minimising John’s transport costs. We’re seriously thinking we should run a Macfilos bring and buy sale section. Seriously, though, it’s a testament to the enthusiasm of Macfilos readers that John, in New South Wales, matches up with another enthusiast in WA within 24 hours of publication. We wish the new owner a great future with his ex-Shingleton goodies….. Apparently film’s not dead just yet (again). Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, yet again.

  Here in London it is easier to find a used Hasselblad than, in would seem, in Australia. This tempting
Here in London it is easier to find a used Hasselblad than, in would seem, in Australia. This tempting ‘Blad-for-sale display is in the Aperture café and camera museum  in Museum Street, London, just down the road from the British Museum.


  1. I’ll take the Morris Minor. Seriously, though, if anyone has a Butcher Watch Pocket Klimax from around 1915, I’m interested.


    • I had a mooch around the excellent Aperture museum yesterday (hence the photograph — and I will be publishing more next week). I did however notice two folding Kodak Juniors dated 1914. Now I know two tenths of sod all about Kodak folders (unlike you, of course) but I did notice that these 1914 relics had grey plastic top plates and red plastic shutter buttons. My feeble mind drew the conclusion that since plastic hadn’t been invented in 1914 there must be some mistake. Sure enough, these were both Juniors from the 1950s. I did my good deed by pointing this out and departed.

  2. Yes,Mike it’s sold. A great totally unexpected result.
    I am now trying to work out how to spin Macfilos stories around a collection of Minolta lenses and two beautiful Zeiss Contax lenses………….

    • I must admit I was pleasantly surprised as well. And to find a buyer locally (well, at least in Australia) is a major bonus. I suppose it does prove that Macfilos has a large and enthusiastic readership. I like to think it is a high-quality readership made up mainly of photographers who have been around the block a few times and don’t overreact and make a fuss, unlike readers of some more popular sites. By all means write something about Contax — I’ve often looked at the cameras and nearly bought one a couple of years ago at the Photographica fair in London. But I was put off by tails of lack of service if anything goes wrong. But they are beautiful cameras and, I am sure, would make a good story.


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