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London Flightpath: Through the glass crisply


Macfilos Weekender with Tom Lane

Flying back from Mumbai on Air India, I focused the Leica T and 18-56mm through the cabin window as we circled while waiting for our landing spot at Heathrow. Despite the intervening scratchy airplane glass I was delighted with the detail from the T, showing the expanse of the City of London to the right and Southwark to the left (south) of the river.

[Editor’s Note: A very timely shot, coming after John Shingleton’s story of Churchill’s funeral in 1965. Tom’s image looks upriver from below Tower Bridge. The next crossing upriver is London Bridge where John stood in 1965 to record the scene looking back towards the Tower. HMS Belfast can be seen clearly in mid stream while the expanse of London Bridge station, backed by the Shard, lies south of the river to the left]



  1. As I think I have already mentioned elsewhere Tom, a great picture!

    And the Leica T, its lenses and other bodies are also pretty damn good.



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