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What’s the weight of that there sheep, m’dear?


When I lived in north Devon, I got a lot of pleasure from visiting the agricultural shows with my camera. And often small, local shows were best value for taking pictures. 

One Saturday I stumbled on this sheep show, just outside Barnstaple. And instead of a tombola, there was the chance to guess the weight of the sheep. At 20 pence a go, I couldn’t resist. Having guessed and lost my money, I told a colleague about it on the following Monday. She just laughed and said I should have known better. Most of the other visitors were farmers, who could estimate the weight of a sheep at a glance. 

For the gentle pace of action that day, the Rolleiflex 2.8F that I used was perfect.




  1. I was looking at the caravan in the background, and thinking my grandparents had one of those in the early 70’s. And then naturally the penny dropped – it probably is, more so because I cannot remember when I last paid 20p to guess anything.

    Nice image. Thank you for sharing.

    • I moved to Devon in 1998, Dave, so the caravan in the background was probably quite ancient by then (it had been adapted as a mobile toilet). The sheep show was very low key, with free admission if I remember correctly. I’m glad you like the image. The Rolleiflex was a pleasure to use – a camera that I regret selling.


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