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Is this the most stunning photo show location?


Eat your heart out, Photokina. Yesterday’s Bath Photo and Optics Show may have been very small, but it was perfectly formed and quite splendid in execution. If you’re organising your local photo show you’d be hard pressed to find a venue with more chandeliers than the magnificent 1775 Bath Guildhall. 

 Hoya, not Goya
Hoya, not Goya

Organised by the Bath branch of London Camera Exchange, the show was supported by all the major marques, including Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic, together with lens and accessory manufacturers. Conveniently LCE’s Bath store is just across the road from the Guildhall, and a healthy sip or two away from the famous Pump Room. 

  Fujifilm UK
Fujifilm UK’s Carl Hare is clearly tickled by his surroundings

There will be another LCE-sponsored Pro Photo Show in Southampton next Saturday, 26 April, between 11 and 6 pm. I can’t promise you chandeliers, unfortunately. This event takes place in the prosaic surroundings of the Novotel, West Quay Road, Southampton SO15 1RA. If yesterday’s show is anything to go by, a visit to Southampton will be rewarding, if not as illuminating.

  Backlighting in style
Backlighting in style





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