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Chip off the old block: Ricoh GR brings new tech in grandpa’s coat


The wheels at Ricoh grind exceeding slow, but at long last they have turned out the new version of the much-loved GR, the Model III. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks pretty much like business as usual from a design point of view, but there are some interesting bits and bobs inside to tempt fans. They include a newly designed lens, a new 24MP image sensor, and a new imaging engine. 

As a pocket-sized camera with a huge sensor — APS-C — the Ricoh GR has been something of a well-kept secret. Professionals have loved it for its excellent performance in such a small and discreet package. It looks like a humble point and shoot yet performs like the pro APS-C it is. I’ve kept a GR I in my bag for years; it weighs nothing and is always ready for action. Ricoh has clearly been prudent in retaining the look and feel and I am sure fans of the GR will be pleased about this.

Press information

LONDON 25 SEPTEMBER 2018 – RICOH COMPANY, LTD. and RICOH IMAGING EUROPE, S.A.S. are pleased to announce a preview showing of the RICOH GRIII camera at Photokina 2018 — the world’s largest, full-scale trade fair of photographic and imaging products, to be held from September 26 to 29 in Cologne, Germany. The new camera has been in the process of development as the latest model of the RICOH GR series, which features a line-up of high-end digital compact cameras combining exceptional image quality with a compact, lightweight body ideal for snapshot photography.

Over a history of more than 20 years, the RICOH GR series has always kept its basic concept of optimising the essential values of a camera — high image quality, snapshot capability and portability — while at the same time making the changes and refinements needed to meet emerging needs. Because of this, GR-series models have been preferred by a great many photographers, particularly professionals and highly experienced amateurs.

Currently under development, the RICOH GRIII inherits the basic GR-series concept, but it incorporates totally new devices in its main components, including a newly designed lens, a new image sensor, and a new imaging engine. These are designed to further upgrade image quality, strengthen many of the functions and improve the user interface.

Designed to be the ultimate snapshot camera, the RICOH GR II is a totally new breed of GR camera, one that will give the user new and different creative possibilities. We hope Photokina 2018 visitors will enjoy their first look at this new-generation GR-series model.

Overview of the product under development

Model name: RICOH GRIII

Launch date: Scheduled to be launched in early 2019

The design and specifications are identical to those first announced publicly about the camera’s development, and are subject to change without notice.



  1. I finally figured out my posting problem. If I post off my Win 10 computer the post disappears but if I post off my iPhone the post happens so here goes. I owned the GRII but discovered I must have a viewfinder no matter how basic – does not have to be fancy or even. The camera had amazing files and haptic and perfect size for pocket. I sold it to a pro and she loves it and promptly won a competition!

  2. I genuinely think the GR is the best designed compact camera ever made and I would probably rescue mine first if the house was on fire! However I’m luke-warm about the GRIII at the moment. The sensor and lens changes would have to be pretty impactive to make me upgrade. I’m not that bothered by the image stabilisation either – to my mind its the sort of ‘run and gun’ camera that you keep at a reasonably high shutter speed most of the time.

    It’ll also be interesting to see how much it retails for at launch – I guess around the £900 mark?


    Don McConnell

  3. Hello Mike

    A great piece of news after a hard day at work. Although the GR has become my second camera since buying the leica X2 I guess I’ll buy one when the few quirks of the first models are fixed and the price has gone down a bit. I guess the commands will be the same so I’ll be happy to try and get one.

  4. I have never seen a Ricoh GR on sale either in a store or online. I do remember the Ricoh KR 10 Super being on sale here in the early 1980s. Where can one find GRs today? Under toadstools?


    • Plenty for sale on amazon or it’s quite popular here in France and can be ordered at any camera shop that is a pentax dealer. If you happen to pass through LE Havre there’s a shop (creapolis) about 1 mile from the ferry terminal and I’m pretty sure they can order one for you. At the moment only the ricoh theta, a brand new grd iv (small ccd sensor) and the tough waterproof WG 50 are on sale, plus a few 2nd hand gxr (but that’s only 12m pixel. if that can help

      • Thanks Jean. My comment was more by way of saying, tongue in cheek, that the marketing and distribution by Ricoh has never been very good. I may pick up a GR someday, as they seem to be universally liked by the people that have them.


  5. Still using my film GRV. I wouldn’t buy this without a finder.
    In fact I wouldn’t buy any camera without a finder.
    If the original Film GR had a finder and this has a fixed lens, why couldn’t they have included one for the digital GR?
    I don’t care about sensor size, full frame or whatever as long as the image quality is good but for me a finder is neccessary.


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