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Sharp enters MFT market with 8K camera


Sharp Corporation has announced its support for the micro four-thirds system. The first camera is likely to be the Sharp 8K which will offer 8K video at 30fps. It is said to be similar in appearance to the Blackmagic Pocket camera and will be priced between $2,800 and $3,700.

Via Photo Rumors and Newshooter.com


  1. My only question about this would be why? There is better offering out there in the price range – or am I missing something.

    • I don’t know much about it but I think video is the key. I suspect it is a specialised type of camera competing with the Lumix GH5, for instance. Not on my radar, then.

      • Its video – so not mine then. I still think that photo stills camera’s and video devices should be separate items – as the one fix does all seems to compromise one or the other. Even Leica realised this with the M10 range and dropped video.

        • Hi, I agree. If you want non-enthusiast video use your smartphone. I you want video start with the video centric Panasonic GH5 and work your way up in price. I wish still centric cameras would get rid of cost, heat dissipation issues, complexity of video.

          • You are right on this, Brian. An extreme example is the M — a camera beloved of stills shooters. No one buys an M specifically for video and I haven’t met anyone who uses video on an M in preference to a more suitable video platform. Video was added to the M240 because Leica thought it was necessary to offer the feature in order to sell cameras. They were wrong.


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