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Watch this space: A wrist on high


Macfilos authors do get to some interesting places. One, our Australian correspondent No.2 (J. Shingleton being No 1 in seniority), has just returned from somewhere very interesting and very high. He threatens us with another travelogue.

Sherpa Gerlach (clue) has been incommunicado for several weeks, which I thought was very strange. But he has been to new climes and, to prove that he still shuffles on the mortal coil, he has sent us a teaser:

A wristwatch photo

“Now, I’ve never used a camera to catch a wristwatch image. They are generally the realm of those who want to carefully document a special watch or watch collection.

“For me, however, I now realise that I did recently shoot a wristwatch image. It’s purpose wasn’t to photograph the watch but, rather, to document a time and place. At 5,200m altitude it was to remember the lunch-break at 12.46pm on May 24.

“Where was it? Why was I there? What camera did I use? All will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, I’ve got some SD cards to retrieve from a couple of cameras. Watch this space.”

The ever-expanding catalogue of Macfilos photo-journeys is about to start a new, more rarefied, chapter.

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  1. Beats my visit to the pubs of Herculaneum for my birthday today, although I did make it to the crater of Vesuvius on Tuesday. The last time that went off was in 1944, 5 years before I was born. The ‘Death Zone’ in the Himalayas was particularly nasty this year. I am glad to hear that Wayne made it back safely.


  2. I guess it looks like the Annapurna trail and it might well be the Thorung La pass but of course I may be wrong. Anyway I’m looking forward to Wayne’s image whatever camera he used. Hope his cameras or SD cards didn’t freeze.


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