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Never mind the article, check the comments


I am constantly impressed by the erudition, involvement and good nature of Macfilos commentators. If you read Macfilos but don’t check the comments section you are making a mistake.

Quite often, especially when we have published a particular interpretation of fact, our commentators will weigh in with cogent arguments for or against the premise put forward in the main story. I find this encouraging and welcome.

Comments can expand the article and bring in new sides to the argument
Comments can expand the article and bring in new sides to the argument

Only this week there were two articles (one on the demise of Aperture, the other on the death of luxury) which pulled a few strings among our readers. The result was a plethora of constructive comment, most of it, it has to be said, disagreeing with statements I made in the article. All this is positive and puts Macfilos on a completely different level to sites which seem to bring out the worst in readers.

The great satisfaction from my point of view is that discussions are polite and well reasoned. We don’t seem to attract the sort of Leica-hate comments that plaque other sites. One reason for this, I suspect, is that the age profile of readers is relatively high. And they are an intelligent lot, not given to expletives and irascibility.

Next time you read a Macfilos article come back after a few days and check the comments. Often they make more sense — and you learn much more — than the original article.

Finally, a big thanks to all our regular participants. They are the bedrock. But please do add your views if an article piques your interest. At Macfilos you are assured of a polite reception and you will find that other readers will engage with you in the nicest possible way.


  1. I think, Michael, that the high character and level tone of Macfilos is largely down to you. Where you lead, others are encouraged to follow. Hats off to our editor!

  2. I agree totally with David’s comment and may I add as most of Macfilos readers seem to be growing up in age a poor translation that we have here in France- You get the best wines out of old casks.

  3. I haven’t posted here before. I thoroughly enjoy the site. I happened upon a Leica discussion board yesterday while researching different versions of the 50 Summilux. One person entered the discussion with the tired “Leica is overpriced and overrated” dribble. Others in the discussion tried to be reasonable, but the protagonist was out for a “fight”. Having been the object of similar people in different internet settings, I rarely participate in such things. This site is a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed the article about the Munich Olympics. I am a member of the Film Shooters Collective. That group, containing about 120 members, is akin to this site’s followers. We share the love of photography, ideas, tasks, and gather together on occasion. Being passionate about something, and being nice about it are simple principles. Thanks to all. Louis.

    • Thank you, Louis. I’m glad you enjoy Macfilos and I am sure you can make comments where without fear of unreasonable comments. If anyone does get out of line I can remove the comment. But I have had to do this only once. Thank you again. Mike

  4. I totally endorse the comments above-the mellow and friendly nature of the Macfilos comments is all down to the tone of the blog set by editor, Mike.
    For me the tone of Macfilos is its biggest appeal. Friendly, laidback blogs populated by reasonable and knowledgeable readers are very rare indeed.
    Long may it and editor Mike continue.

    • Thanks John, and as I said, Macfilos couldn’t survive without contributors such as you, Wayne and the others. Unlike many web sites I’m not obsessed with gaining more page views or in worrying about social media. People find us and tend to stick with us and I believe we have a very high-quality readership — people who know what they are talking about and are buying cameras. And a big if wisdom through age helps.


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