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Leica firmware updates for SL and CL

The SL 601 also receives an L-Mount lens compatibility upgrade as well as some of the video features seen on the SL2 (Image Leica Camera AG)

Following last week’s major Q2 firmware upgrade, which introduced the useful settings overview screen first seen on the new SL2, Leica has issued upgrades for the original SL and the CL.

New compatibility with all L-Mount lenses for Leica's APS-C models (Image Leica Camera AG)
New compatibility with all L-Mount lenses for Leica’s APS-C models (Image Leica Camera AG)

Firmware version 3.2 for the CL and 3.7 for the SL both concentrate on improving compatibility with the wider L-Mount lens programme, including those from Sigma and Panasonic. Since some of these lenses will feature additional manual controls, including OIS toggles, aperture rings and focus switches, the updates ensure full compatibility.

One example is Sigma’s popular and excellent 45mm f/2.8 which, in addition to a physical aperture ring, also features a manual AF/MF focus switch. In addition to these lens-compatibility changes, the cameras now display the firmware version of attached Leica L-M adapters in the camera menu.

The SL 601 also receives an L-Mount lens compatibility upgrade as well as some of the video features seen on the SL2 (Image Leica Camera AG)
The SL 601 also receives an L-Mount lens compatibility upgrade as well as some of the video features seen on the SL2 (Image Leica Camera AG)

Video updates include a means of preventing video mode engaging when the battery is low, thus allowing the photographer to carry on with still photography a little longer. The SL upgrade L-Log setting has been updated so that it matches the L-Log gamma of the SL2.

Download CL Version 3.2 firmware here

Download SL (601) Version 3.7 firmware here

You can also find installation instructions and, unless you are very familiar with the upgrade process, I would recommend downloading and reading the details. Note that older versions of the firmware are also displayed for download, so make sure you are clicking on the versions 3.2 or 3.7 as appropriate.

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  1. Every firmware update I have updated to has resulted in my losing all of my CL user settings which in turn takes me hours to reset. According to Leica all I should have to do is save my user settings onto the SD card before doing the update and then I should be able to re import all my basic settings, but as before I lost everything when updating to 3.2. Why I wonder? And is it just happening to me? Don

    • Don,

      I had success with both the Q2 and CL by opting to save settings. Then, while the same SD card is in the camera, I selected Profile/Manage settings and there was the import option. In both cases, all my settings were restored. I can’t think why it didn’t work for you.

  2. OK, the one important question: With CL, using 3.2, can you now at last lock the focus field to the center, or will it still wander around unless you lock all controls? This deficiency has so far kept me from considering the CL as a complement to my M9 and MM (I ended up buying the far cheaper but less satisfying D-Lux 7 instead, which CAN lock the focus field position, but I´d contemplate an upgrade when/if this is solved).

    • No, despite hints that this would be addressed, there is absolutely no change. I can echo your comment: What (on earth) were they thinking. I know that many people love floating focus points and think that anyone who wants to revert to the old style centre focus and recompose is somehow deranged. Leica probably agrees with this and has signally failed the test on all its cameras other than the M (of course because focus and recompose is normal).

      On the D-Lux 7 you can briefly press the DISP button to return the focus point to the centre, or you can employ the operation lock to stop the four-way pad interfering with the focus point. On both the CL and the Q2, with the new control layout, there is no DISP button (other than the centre toggle on the four-way pad), so that’s not an option. Fortunately, because I use an Arte di Mano case on the Q2, this aberration doesn’t bother me. But on the CL is does and, to make the camera usable, I need to lock it down. Unfortunately, as previously noted, this is a sledgehammer of a setting, more extreme than that on the D-Lux 7, and which results in your being unable to alter aperture, speed or ISO without first unlocking the camera. This is absolute nonsense and is a byproduct of making all these settings soft rather than using physical rings (as on the D-Lux 7, the Fujis and Panasonics). In many rays, they have out-Leica’d Leica in retaining the more traditional camera layout.

      As you know, I’ve been pressing this point for years. Leica, above all, should recognise that because of the M heritage, there are many users who prefer focus and recompose and find it quicker than moving a focus point around the screen. Other manufacturers, including Fuji and Panasonic, are more in tune with our needs in this respect.

      Black marks all round.

      • Indeed! I know your stance here, and I have to admit that your blog helped to alert me about this before buying a new camera, so I checked the settings beforehand.

        Being a long-time Leica M-user, both with film and digital, I WANT the focus area to STAY in the center, whatever happens, and I want as little of frills and gimmicks as possible in a camera fit for use. So, on the D-Lux 7 I´ve disabled the touch screen altogether, for all purposes, and also most of the function buttons. It works, the focus area stays put, and i never find myself confronted by those inane functions. So there it is possible to evade the nonsense, I´m happy to say. With the CL I tried out at my friendly dealer´s, I could not accomplish the same, so no Cl…

        • Quite right. The CL in lockdown mode is fine, so long as you don’t want to change any of the settings. Whoever specified that “improvement” should really have used the camera. We were all calling for a lock to prevent inadvertent movement of the focus point and the solved it by locking everything down. The CL is the only Leica to feature this sledgehammer restriction and I am not at all sure why it was introduced. Frustrating in the extreme.

    • No, because the interface is via the touchscreen. It’s a long time since I’ve used a TL model but I don’t remember this ever being a problem. In fact, now you come to mention it, the TL does have some endearing features. It was a bold design and, perhaps, a little too bold for most potential buyers. If it had had a built-in viewfinder I think it would have been much more successful and, I have to say, I might even prefer it to the CL!

  3. I have most models, but I still prefer the TL2 for walkabout and traveling – rugged, slim, and with a portable charger that doesn’t need cords – with the 18mm pancake. No more wandering focus point either!

    • Tony it’s a long time since I used a TL
      Are you saying they it has in-camera charging. I thought not but I confess I get confused among all the models

  4. No – but the small and light charger has an interchangeable direct connector to the outlet – one for Europe and one for the US – no cords or second bricks


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