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Leica Akademie tutorials to ease your lockdown blues


A programme of tutorials and workshops, some free, has been launched by the London Leica Akademie. All are online and will help keep you busy and involved, some over several days.

The principal workshops:

  • Double Exposure Portraiture with Kirk Truman, two modules over two days, cost £275
  • The Reportage Rundown with Alex McBride, four modules over four days, £250
  • The Descriptive Power of Photography with Simon King, three modules over three days, £295

Free webinars

  • Legacy of the Leica M-Lens
  • Documentary versus Street Photography with José Sarmento Matos
  • Covering the War in Nagorno-Karabakh with Alex McBride
  • A Photographer’s Journey with Mo Barzegar
  • Capture One for Leica: An Introduction, with David Grover


You can view the full programme and register for events here.



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