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Leica’s L1 and L2 watches now on sale in posh spots around the world


After some four years of anticipation, Leica’s new timepieces, the L1 and L2, have reached stores in China, Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai and Wetzlar. At the moment there are no plans to sell them in the UK.

The two manually wound watches are made in Germany in partnership with Lehmann Präzision GmbH based in the Black Forest area. They are powered by a newly developed mechanical movement and feature an unusual push-crown adjustment. In contrast to conventional designs, where the crown is pulled out to stop the movement and adjust the time, the Leica crown replicates the movement of a camera shutter release. Pressing the crown stops the watch and the secondhand jumps to zero. Another click releases the movement again.

The design references signature features of Leica history. These include the delicate design of the watch hands and the applied indices, the shape of the integral stainless-steel case, the special knurling on the crowns, and the domed watch glass that simulates the front element of a camera lens.

Welcoming the announcement of the Leica watch, Dr Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority owner of Leica Camera, said that he is very happy the long-term project is now ready. “I believe that, together with our partners, we have succeeded in developing a watch “Made in Germany” that is representative of Leica and embodies the values of our premium brand.

The two watches differ in their complications. The Leica L1 features hours, minutes and small second indicators, together with a date window and power indicator with gradually closing blades. The Leica L2 adds a further complication in the form of a second time zone, GMT 12-hour bezel and day/night indicator. It also features a matte black alligator strap with red inner while the L1 strap is made from calf leather in black, with red inner. Both watches are made from stainless steel with satin highlights while the front and rear glass is sapphire crystal with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. Water-resistance is rated at 50m or 5 ATM.

Currently, the two watches are available in Leica Stores in Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Wetzlar, Vienna, Moscow and Dubai. The L1 is listed at €9,500 while the L2 is €13,500, both including value-added tax.

Here is the full press release and specification.


  1. Maybe I have missed something, but appears there is regretfully no illumination on the hands and cardinal points of the dial. I wonder why not, as it could relatively easily have been achieved despite the thin profile of the hands and baton markers. As the new L1 and L2 watches will not available in the UK, they unfortunately won’t find a place in my watch collection. However, I would like to congratulate the company on the the unique and exciting design of the watch.

    • Now you mention it, Pieter, I didn’t notice a reference to illumination. That’s especially odd in a GMT watch. Did you read right through the press release and specification? It’s difficult to tell from the photographs.

  2. Now wouldn’t it have been better – obvious, perhaps, is the word – if they’d included a tiny Leica camera in the watches, as in the Huawei phones?

    Otherwise, just calling a watch a ‘Leica’ is as silly as calling a gold-plated toothbrush a ‘Leica’. Or a platinum-plated nutcracker. Or a ‘Leica’ TV, with buttons looking like a (‘Leica’) shutter release and shutter speed dial.

    ‘Scuse me while I have a sip from my Canon-lens-lookalike mug (..it looks ‘Leica’ Canon lens).

    Or, putting it another way, “..there’s a mug born every minute”.

  3. IIRC the movements are bought in. Nothing wrong with that except you can get these complications for less from reputable watch manufacturers. Not sure there’s a real point to them other than it’s one more thing to sell to rich punters after they’ve bought the expensive strap and carrying bag.

    If Patek Philippe made $1000 cameras what would the USP be?

  4. Thanks. Those watches should sync interval shots in your new M11, in the case camera allows that feature. Only that can justify not to give them as a present with your new purchase

  5. Any endeavor Leica pursues that makes the company viable is something I like to see. Seeing the watch today, it is quite beautiful and I would love to have one, though not as much as an M11 or a lens.


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