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Leica D-Lux 7 Bathing Ape X Stash Limited Edition


Here’s one to brighten up your weekend. It’s a discreet multi-coloured special edition of your favourite travel camera, the Leica D-Lux 7. No changes to the spec, however, so the extra dosh won’t make you a better photographer. But you will have a tongue-twister of a name to bandy around the bar at the local photo society, and you’ll have a camera to provide enough street cred to get you noticed wherever you go.

The black edition (left) will be marketed by Leica, while the silver variant is limited to A BATHING APE® outlets

Just call it the Leica D-Lux 7 “A BATHING APE® X STASH” Limited Edition. I can imagine your fingers caressing the Mastercard® as I write.

According to Leica’s press office, this camera is aimed fairly and squarely at street photographers:

Street photography is the art of capturing moments of people’s lives as naturally and, at the same time, profoundly as possible. It is a very immediate type of reportage photography that has always been closely connected with the Leica brand. In many ways, street photography holds up a mirror to society – be it from a humorous, insightful or critical perspective.

The genre shares this trait with two other art forms that capture the urban zeitgeist: streetwear and street art. Now, Leica has brought these three creative branches together in a strictly limited, special edition compact camera.

Hmm… Here is the top plate of the special edition that isn’t being marketed by Leica.
And the humble Leica edition from your Leica store has something else on the top plate, but I’m sure it’s ®’d

This latest Leica creation comes in a black version, which will be marketed by Leica, while the snazzy silver-topped variant is available exclusively at your A BATHING APE® emporium. The special edition features the signature “ABC CAMO” look of the streetwear label BAPE®, and the brand’s APE HEAD insignia. And if that isn’t enough, it is also marked with “the distinctive wild style tag of America graffiti artist STASH”.

The black-finish version of the camera will sell for £1,750, which is just under £600 more than the boring old standard edition. Dare I say that the original plain D-Lux 7 is likely to be more discreet and less likely to frighten the natives than these bold camo editions?

Whatever next? Leica is full of surprises… Let us know if you fancy one of these colourful snappers to polish up your urban Zeitgeist. And will it be a visit to the A Bathing Ape shop or to a boring old Leica dealer where you’ll find nothing but cameras lenses, straps and fishermen’s bags? Or, perhaps, this product is not aimed at the traditional long-suffering Leica user. Does a new market await? Will this be a collectors’ item, sold out within days? Do leave a comment.

If you wish to have chapter and verse on the limited edition D-Lux 7, read the press release here.

And on the other side of the fashion label

This article from Women’s Wear Daily shows the reception of the new D-Lux Special Edition from a fashion perspective rather than, as in this article, from that of a serious, long-time Leica camera user. It makes interesting reading and I learned a bit about the sponsors…

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  1. After bathing, the ape attacked and ate the photographer and then scribbled all over his Leica. Now that the ape is on the loose and whereabouts unknown, the entire Leica photographic community is at risk!

  2. I find it very encouraging. Take an old model, upgrade and put a colourful shirt on it and, hey presto!, it’s good to go for years to come. Hugely popular, loved by all. Cash flows in.

    There’s hope for me yet. I’m off to buy my bathing ape shirt – with a pocket for my stash of course (whatever that is). Hey kids, what’s a stash – if not a few ounces of weed? Really?

  3. Greetings, I have just preordered a Sigma 20mm F1.4 dg dn lens that was announced a few days ago. I was almost tempted by the camera covered here but at 68 my daughter tells me I am not trendy anymore. I do not feel old.

    I guess Leica is focusing on the trendsetter group and my years wait for the promised Leica SL 21mm APO that also mentioned by a SL lens reviewer on this site as coming soon a few years ago is starting to feel as fictional as a f/2 apo lens is the same as a f/1.4 lens in bokeh. Unfortunately, this is not my first rodeo as we say in Canada.

    Anyway, I am going to go out and take pictures with real glass. I am very happy with blended fine wine – Leica, Panasonic, Sigma. Leica thrives because of this and I thrive so what can be better.
    I do not normally wear jewelry, but maybe I should change with the times and wear this camera. But I am happily married, and would have to fight off the widows. It is complicated getting older. Sigh.

    • Gina Lollobrigida is a very accomplished Leica photographer and she’s photographed many celebrities. If Leica Camera AG commissioned a Gina L Special Edition (M6 ?) I’d likely buy one.

      • It’s all a out youf, Dunk. If you’re not outfitted in A Bathing Ape Regustered Trade Mark, tee shirt you don’t qualify for a Stash D Liz…

    • Agreed. There’s one born every minute. I always used to argue that the Leica premium was worth paying because of a) the pleasure of owning and b) the lower depreciation. Now, I’m not so sure and the current £420 premium over the LX100 (never mind the Stash version) takes some justifying.

  4. I see people in Beverly Hills, Boca Raton and the Hamptons who would buy these rigs. You know, the same ones who have a Chihuahua in their Hermes hand bag. In other words folks with lots of money but dumber than rocks. And apparently there a lots of folks who fit this description.

      • I very much like the M Reporter editions, but now they also started doing it (in unlimited fashion) for the Q and there were rumors about a Reporter version for the SL as well, a bit too much IMO, Leica should limit it to the M and find a different theme/approach for the Q and the SL IMO.

  5. I think we’re dealing with different definitions/understandings of what constitutes “Street Photography”.

    It’s likely that the Old Farts may prefer the more “invisible” approach espoused by the likes of HCB, while younger TikTokers may prefer something more colorful and “Street Party” like.

    I’m sure Leica is happy selling this SE to new Leica users, and will leave the rest of us to mull Q2 vs Q2M…

    • I would like to think you are right. I have to confess, despite visiting superior outlet malls, that I had never heard of the bathing ape. Not have I heard of stash. Must be an old fart.

  6. Have I got the date wrong again? Sorry to have to ask but is it me who is the fool? Or do Leica think it is April 1st?

    • Well, it does make you wonder. And wonder who buys these cameras. Will they later upgrade to an M, I wonder. Maybe we are just out of touch, too old to wear A Bathing Ape shirt?


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