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Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal limited edition


The latest special edition of the Leica Q2 is launched today. The Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal is limited to 500 cameras, every one of which is claimed to be unique because of the individual differences in the woven-fabric cover.

Identical mechanically and optically to the standard Q2, the new special is covered with an “iridescent traditional Kimono fabric” in black and gold. Manufactured by HOOSOO in Kyoto, the fabric shows scar-like structures when touched. The Leica logo on the front of the camera is in black.

The edition number and a discreet Seal signature are engraved under the display glass.

The package includes a rope strap with a leather sleeve bearing a handwritten line from the lyric of the British singer’s Kiss from a Rose. Also included is a scarf bearing the same lyric, manufactured by Rag ’n Bone of New York.

The Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal edition will cost £5,500 and is available from today.

Photo Copyright Ben Staley

To watch the Seal performance:




  1. I wonder how much they pay whoever it is at Leica who has to dream up this and no doubts many more still to come daft ideas about how to coax ever more money from idiots?

    • Don, I used to feel the same. I still approach these special editions with tongue firmly in cheek, which I think comes out in the articles.. But I do accept that Leica has created a niche for this sort of commemorative camera. It is a way of generating more cash which, we like to think, funds development of cameras we actually want to buy and use. I never see these cameras as aimed at me. I suspect many of them go to wealthy punters, probably many thousands of miles from Wetzlar, who buy them for investment. The price of this new model, as with other recent examples, isn’t excessively High. It’s £5,500, which is about 10% above the standard model. Come to think of it, if you fancy a kimono on your Q, it’s probably not a bad deal.

      However, and this is an important caveat, too much of this oddball marketing and the marque begins to turn into a sort of fashion brand. Too much, too far, and serious photographers might start to think twice about climbing aboard.

    • Not at all, Don. I also feel that Leica would be somehow “purer” without these often rather silly special editions. But I am probably out of touch (quite often I have never even heard of some of these people who get a special design camera, but I have to take the view that maybe others take a different view. What is a problem is the danger that some of these new cameras could lead to ridicule and have the exact opposite effect to what had been intended. But then, that’s just me.

      • They want to try to be cool and closer to younger people putting a used rag on the front, or a variety of things of the kind. Why don’t they definitely design an original and affordable camera for everyone? That would be better than a CL2


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