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Barnack Awards: New product announcement?


The 2022 Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) presentation will take place in Wetzlar on Thursday, 20 October, according to PR Newswire. Winners in the Main and Newcomer categories as well as the Leica Hall of Fame Award during the award ceremony. Following the presentation, all LOBA-winning photographs will be on display in the Ernst Leitz Museum.

Film’s not dead…

Dr Kaufmann is likely to speak at the presentation and I suspect he may also announce at least one new product. I am fairly certain that this could be the much-rumoured “M6 Classic” film camera which would nicely complement the spirit of the Barnack Awards. There could be other announcements, of course, but the M6 is the most likely, especially since the launch date was rumoured for “late October” and there are no signs of another event taking place before the end of the month. The Barnack Awards would be perfect timing.

New film camera to be announced in October


  1. Well, there is also LHSA saying there will be a big announcement on the Thursday morning of the 13th at the LHSA Dublin Conference https://www.lhsa.org/events/lhsa-2022-annual-conference-in-dublin#!event-register/2022/10/13/2022-lhsa-conference-and-annual-meeting-dublin

    The conference is till open for signup for members and non-members (you become a member as you sign up).

    So there we go, speculations on an LHSA edition on the fire as well 🙂

    • I thought at first that the LHSA would be the ideal time for the M6 announcement. Stefan Daniel and Peter Karbe will be there. However, I got a very strong steer that the announcement will not be made in Dublin and that’s why I hit on October 20. If it does come at Dublin, they will have carried out a successful double bluff!

      I’m going to Dublin but don’t arrive until the Thursday afternoon in a episode of bad planning!

  2. I will be at both events, with a stop in between to Portugal to visit the factory. Enjoy the suspense! See you in Dublin, Mike.


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