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Firmware updates for Leica M, Q and SL2 families

Leica is one camera company that has a logical approach to firmware updates. The system is so easy that it's a crime to get out of step. Mike explains the latest improvements in the three major Leica family groups… and adds an overview of current firmware versions of many older digital Leica cameras.


Keeping camera firmware up to date is important, and it is surprising how many Leica users never update, despite investing many thousands in their equipment. If you own any of the three major lines, here is a checklist of the latest versions that you should download and instal as soon as possible. Not only do firmware updates bring new and useful features, they cure problems which, in some cases, can result in the loss of your valuable images.

To access the camera information on your device, you can navigate to the menu and look for the Camera Information option. Selecting this option will lead you to the Camera firmware version, which displays the currently installed version. It is essential to keep your camera firmware up to date to benefit from the latest enhancements and improvements. By comparing the installed version with the updates available, you can determine if an update is necessary for your camera. Keeping your camera firmware updated ensures optimal performance and compatibility with new features and technologies.

Leica SL2 and SL2-S

New features

The latest update for the SL2 family brings several worthwhile improvements. Version 6.0.0 introduces various enhancements that improve the shooting experience for both the SL2 and the SL2-S cameras. One notable is that you can shoot in continuous mode now with activated perspective control enabled.

For the SL2, the update now offers two continuous shooting options: 2 frames per second (fps) and 6 fps. This allows photographers to capture a series of images rapidly, perfect for fast-paced action or dynamic subjects. Similarly, the SL2-S offers two continuous shooting speeds: 2 fps and 5 fps, giving users flexibility depending on their shooting needs.

Another significant enhancement with this update is the introduction of a lock function for white balance settings, auto ISO, and Auto mode. This feature ensures a constant ISO value and automatic white balance during video recording, making it easier to maintain consistent image quality. The lock function remains active until the user stops recording or changes any settings in the camera’s menu.

Extended functionality

  1. A new sub-menu item Flash Mode under Flash Settings
  2. The menu item AF Quick Settings Only is added to the menu Touch AF in EVF. In Touch AF mode, this prevents accidental movement of the AF frame but still allows the Touch AF functions to be used.
  3. Newly added menu items for the Favourites menu
  4. New functionality for the thumb wheel to allow it to act as a function button
  5. More assignment options for the joystick.


  1. GPS accuracy of the shooting location is significantly improved
  2. Revised Play menu: The option Delete All is replaced by Delete Unrated
  3. The continuous shooting settings in the “Drive Mode” menu item have been renamed.
  4. The Self Timer menu item now moves to the main menu and can be combined with other shooting modes.
  5. In addition, there are the usual bug-fixes in the firmware.


Download Leica SL2-S firmware 6.0.0

Download Leica SL2 Firmware 6.0.9

Download the latest firmware for SL lenses

SL2 Family release notes Firmware 6.0.0

Leica Q2 and Q2 Monochrom firmware 5.1.0

This is a minor update which brings improved GPS accuracy when used with Leica’s Fotos application. With this update, Leica users can expect enhanced location tracking capabilities, allowing for more precise geotagging of their photos. The improved GPS accuracy ensures that your photos receive accurate tags with the correct location information, giving you a better overall experience when using the Leica Fotos application.

Moreover, it is worth updating because Leica explains that the update also brings significant performance improvements.

In addition to the improved GPS accuracy and performance, Leica may have also included other minor bug fixes and optimizations in this update. These behind-the-scenes improvements help to enhance the stability and reliability of the application, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Download Leica Q2 Firmware 5.1.0

Download firmware release notes

Leica Q3 and Q3 Monochrom

In case you missed it, the latest update for the Leica Q3, the one with the flippy floppy screen, is 1.30. Jörg-Peter Rau covered this in more detail in his Macfilos article last month.

Download Leica Q3 Firmware 1.30

Leica Q first-generation

The latest for the first-generation Leica Q is still at 3.1. Again, if you have owned this camera from new, it’s a good idea to check your firmware version and update if it is earlier than 3.1

Download Leica Q Firmware 3.1

Back in 2015, the Leica Q created something of a sensation. It succeeded beyond Leica’s wildest imaginings. Soon after the launch, Mike took his new Q to the Berner Oberland in Switzerland, and it proved to be the perfect travel camera. From left, clockwise: View of the Lauterbrunnen valley with the Jungfraujoch top left, taken from Schynige Platte. Top right: Lauterbrunnental from Wengen, looking towards the Silberhorn. Bottom right: Station at Grindelwald. All images, Mike Evans.

Leica Firmware updates for M11 Family

The latest firmware version 2.0.2 is primarily focused on addressing known issues and improving the overall stability of the system. It aims to provide a smoother experience for users and enhance the functionality of various features.

Additionally, with this update, the developers have highlighted three significant warnings in connection with specific problems that have been identified. While these issues are known and will be addressed in future updates, they may still cause some inconvenience or errors for users temporarily. Our earlier article covered the updates in more detail.

New features

Users now can manually activate the dust protection function for lens changes

Error correction

The following errors have now been remedied:

  1. Switching off the camera while in tethering mode could result in picture loss.
  2. Tethering malfunction with Leica Fotos.
  3. The screen sometimes flickers when using the magnification function in review mode.
  4. The function setting for Extended Dynamic Range is not saved to User Profiles.
  5. The selected user profile would be reset to factory settings when the camera was switched off.

Important notes

  1. In rare cases, the use of UHS-I SD may result in some technical difficulties. An optimization for these SD cards is planned for a later firmware update. Leica recommends using UHS-II cards to generally avoid these issues, and to guarantee the best possible performance for your camera.
  2. In rare cases, the import of DNGs from the SD card to image processing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom could result in damage to the data structure, rendering the DNGs unreadable. This error will be remedied shortly.
  3. When using Tethered Shooting (M11-P only) Image file errors occur when using tethering with Leica Content Credentials. This error will be remedied shortly.

Download Leica M11 2.0.2 firmware

Download Leica M11 Monochrom 2.0.2 firmware

Download Leica M11-P 2.0.2 firmware

Download Leica M11 Family release notes for firmware 2.0.2

The latest Leica firmware for older cameras

M10 Family

The latest Leica firmware versions for the Leica M10 family are (all links go directly to the download from Leica’s website):

For the M10: Version

For the M10-D: Version

For the M10 Monochrom: Version

For the M10-P: Version

For the M10-R:

Here, you can download the release notes for the current firmware versions for M10 series cameras.

All in all, it seems unlikely that Leica will issue new updates for the M10 family. That’s mainly because Leica has discontinued all M10 models now. But there has been no particular need for further improvement recently either. However, Olympus has shown over many years that even older cameras can receive major improvements, even with entirely new functions from the later models.

M Family

For the M (Typ 240): Version

For the M (Typ 262): Version

For the M-D (Typ 262): Version

For the M Monochrom (Typ 246): Version

For the M-E (Typ 240): Version

APS-C models

For the CL: Version 4.1

For the TL2: Version 1.5 and release notes

For the TL: Version 2.4 and release notes

While there have been quite a few suggestions of further improvements (think of the wandering AF field of the CL, annoying to this day), it seems unlikely that Leica will do much for their APS-C customers in terms of new Leica firmware versions.

Other Leica cameras

For the SL (Typ 601): Version 4.0 and release notes

For the D-Lux 7: Version 2.0 and release notes

Furthermore, here is the direct link to the page with all available Leica firmware updates and other downloads. In this case, it is best to use the filter function.

Printed manuals

Did you know that you can request a printed manual by following this link? Cameras include the M11 family, M10 family, SL2 family, Q2, Q3, and Q3 Monochrom, Leica CL and the new Leica M6.

Are you an ardent firmware up-grader, constantly looking for new features? Or do you skip the odd update because you don’t think it offers benefits to you? Or, maybe, you are like the author and play catch-up when prompted by an article like this? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    is there any place where I can look up the differences between the Firmware versions of the M-10.
    I was still on 2.27 and upgraded to the latest one.
    Thanks and Happy New Year

    • Offhand, I can’t think of such a comparison site. However, you can download the update information from the Leica site, and it will list the changes since the 2.7 version. Frequently, though, many unknowns are buried under the “bug fixes” category.

      • Thanks Mike,
        I found it. It adds the 6bit codes for the new lenses and probably their specifics for jpg-output.


  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find an update for the M240 and other members of its generation, which seems to have been snuck out some time ago – after a while, you tend to give up looking for such things, as it’s very much ‘yesterday’s camera’, though I still like the Big Lump (perhaps I spend too much time with SLRs?). Anyway, thanks to Mike for including it in his round-up. I imagine its main purpose is to add some recently released lenses to the camera’s menu – don’t really expect any tweaks under the bonnet for its general operation at this stage, but who knows?

    Might be worth mentioning that once the card with the update is onboard, you need to hold in the INFO button while switching the camera on, which triggers the update process – it’s not always mentioned in the widely available instructions. It also takes a worryingly long time (2 or 3 minutes? Didn’t time it) with nothing much seeming to happen but dire warnings about potentially life-changing injuries to the camera if you abort the process are a good cure for impatience. I assume this para also holds true for the M262s, M246 Monocrhome and M-E.

  3. I do like to keep my firmware updated but, on this occasion, I’m giving v6.0 of the SL2-S update a wide berth. In a move that is bewildering to me, Leica have removed the ability to zoom in by using the joystick when focusing with M lenses. Although the option remains on the thumbwheel (or fn button such as the one on the front), that one blunder is a complete showstopper for me. It adds an unnecessary step in the process. There’s a thread on this issue on the Leica User Forum. Although it will not inconvenience everyone, it is apparently significant enough for Leica to reconsider, and presumably address it, through a future update. Users always need to be cautious and aware of these things before they update their firmware. I’m glad I haven’t updated mine – and I won’t be until Leica sort this one out.

    • Thanks for the tip, Chris. This sounds like an accident rather than a policy decision, so let’s hope they issue an update soon.

      • You’re welcome, Mike,
        Let’s hope it’s soon sorted out. I have no problem with extending the joystick options, but not at the expense of removing a useful one! Leica haven’t admitted to an error but, of course, it could well be.

        Keep up the good work Macfilos – I love this site.

          • It`s not a bug, it’s a feature! In the light of using AF lenses on the SL2 System it of course makes sense but it’s a bummer using manual focus lenses.

            As I am a keen user of the joystick magnification and addressed my anger to the Leica product management and surprisingly got a satisfying answer. Long story short…

            The uproar in the SL community was noticed, it will be “fixed” with the next firmware updates.

            For the time being a workaround is using a third party lens adapter like the Novoflex or just assign the magnification function to one of the front buttons.



  4. “It is surprising how many Leica users never update,”
    Maybe there’s a reason for that. For example, my SL2s already does everything I need and is set up just fine. Almost none of the updates described are things I desperately need or will actually use in practice. If I wanted more features and options I could have bought a Sony. Having said that, it’s great that Leica offers updates if you happen to be one of those that want them.

    • Do FW updates on the SL2-S still reset the file numbering? I find that so annoying with the CL and with the original SL. It does not happen on the M.

  5. Thank you Mike for your comprehensive summary, listing the latest status of firmware per model.

    With the improved availability of new L-mount and M lenses, it would not be too much to expect Leica HQ to remember that a legion of CL owners would welcome continued fw updates. Likewise for C-Lux, D-Lux and V-Lux cameras, which must survive in their thousands

    • It would be nice to think there would be updates, especially for the CL, but I wouldn’t bet on it. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed.

    • It is safe to say that there won’t be any. Up till very recently Leica was still selling the TL2 and the last firmware update for the TL2 dated from 2018… Any improvements to L-mount compatibility should IMO still be ported to the Leica CL (and the Leica TL2) but clearly Leica feels differently.


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