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Seam Strap: Leather and camera straps with Peak Design connectors


Our Peak Design Anchor mount system article in December proved very popular and led to a lively discussion. It appears that many Macfilos readers have been long-time users of the Peak Design system. This allows neck or wrist straps to be swapped around forever by attaching small “anchor” connectors to the camera lugs. With the system in use, you can set out on the day with a wrist strap attached, then change instantly to a neck strap if the fancy takes you. No more fiddling with those nail-destroying split rings.

Seam strap

One surprise for me was that the Peak Design system is being adopted by other strap manufacturers. They are part of the Peak Design partner programme, as I understand. I hope to be able to introduce you to more of these partner manufacturers in the future. In the meanwhile, reader James Kezman pointed me in the direction of a new German company, seam strap. I made contact with Denis Stankovic of seam strap, who told that it is a small family business that is now beginning to take off. He also pointed out that seam strap as a brand has no capitals…

Denis is 36 years old and has been working as a photographer for eight years. The idea of starting a camera strap business first came when he received a film camera from his father but couldn’t find a strap that he really liked. He learned how to work with leather goods and made his own custom strap. Now, seam strap is becoming a popular brand in Germany and the EU, especially for its vintage-style straps which are in demand by film-camera users because of their minimalistic design.

The German company offers leather and rope neck and wrist straps equipped with the Peak Design Anchor mount. Says Denis, “we value quality when selecting leather, but also when choosing the method of attachment to the camera. Peak Design is known for its innovative connector system and quality, and offers third-party companies a so-called partner program. I am delighted that we are now officially involved.”

For a strap connoisseur, this is an exciting prospect that opens up many possibilities. Good as the Peak Design straps are, the synthetic material is not to everyone’s taste; there will always be many (particularly many Leica aficionados) who prefer a high-quality leather straps.

Now, as I have discovered, it is possible to have the best of both worlds — high-quality leather accessories that clip into the Anchor mounts on your cameras.

Peak Design Partnership

Currently, delivery of seam straps is exclusively within the European Union, which will be a disappointment to camera enthusiasts in the UK, US and other countries. But we can hope that a wider distribution will soon become possible. Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes on the current product range here. The site is currently in German only, but you should be able to translate in your web browser.

According to Denis, his camera straps will soon be available in the Leica Store Heidelberg and in other specialised photographic stores. I guess he is right that the minimalistic design and the material are both appealing to fans of film cameras. And among them, Leica aficionados might be a particularly interesting target group.

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  1. Yes,
    the strap of a camera is as important as are the lenses; no bokeh, no low light, no nothing without the proper strap. The are many more fetishes around cameras …
    Sarcasm off.
    I have to make a confession: I’m familiar with splicing due to my cat-sailing hobby. I took 3mm Dyneema (breaking load approximately 950daN, 950 kg, 2.100 lbs) and made an eye splice to each end. The weight of 1m/3ft is 4,6g (0.16OZ) plus maybe 50g (1.8oz) for the 9mm part.
    Since 3mm is very thin I put it an old 9mm FSE Racing Sheet, which used to be an old gennaker sheet rope of ours.
    This was attached to my M10. It’s light, absolutely unique and rather soft; the gennaker sheet rope was a used one.
    Cost: 15 min time and some Dyneema rope
    Con: The soft sheet material sticks on velcro patches. Not as elegant as a regular 150€ strap

    This was a result of a Winter evening.



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