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Fuji X100VI Limited Edition: Ballot for the 110 cameras allocated to the UK


The Fuji X100VI Limited Edition, celebrating Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary in 1934, is to be the subject of a ballot to choose Britain’s lucky 110 buyers. With only 1,934 units worldwide, the Limited Edition will be in massive demand everywhere, transcending the already strong debut of the standard model.

The limited-edition models are individually numbered and delivered in a special box with strap, soft release button and history cards. The camera body is engraved with the original Fujifilm corporate brand logo from 1934, along with the unique serial number engraved on the hot shoe collar.

How to register

Hardly a day goes by without fresh stories of the success of Fuji’s fixed-lens 35mm compact, now in its sixth iteration. So the opportunity to buy the limited version, which goes on sale on April 6, is sure to bring in the punters. The ballot will open at 8 am next Monday, March 25. To register, sign up in advance to the Fujifilm-X.com UK mailing list. Then visit the ballot link, which will be emailed to you on March 25, to register your details.

The 110 randomly selected successful contestants will be notified by email on April 2 and invited to purchase their X100VI Limited Edition in person at an “exclusive event” at the Fujifilm House of Photography in London’s Covent Garden on Saturday, April 6. They will be given 24 hours to confirm their purchase from the time of notification.

Fair chance to buy

Theo Georghiades, general manager at Fujifilm UK, explained, “interest in this camera has been extraordinary — possibly the most coveted model we have ever released. We’ve taken note from the sale of the X100VI Limited Edition from other Fujifilm subsidiaries around the world, and we believe this is the most appropriate way to make sure that customers in the UK will have a fair opportunity to own this very special limited model”.

To ensure a fair system for all, each camera will be recorded by its limited-edition number and serial number and registered to the individual customer. Customers will be asked to bring along photo ID and proof of address when collecting their camera. Payments will need to be made on the collection day itself. The UK price will be £1,934 including VAT.

Fujifilm X100VI announcement

X100VIs are selling for a ridiculous markup

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  1. Hi Mike I have had my Fujifilm X100VI for a couple of weeks and love it. I would love to have one of these limited edition cameras but I am more than content with my gorgeous silver X100VI. It reminds me of the lovely film days when cameras were not so big and heavy. A real joy to walk around with and not 28mm.


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