Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Britain’s new EV charging network is run by a man named after a motorway...

Who better to transform Britainn's inadequate charging infrastructure than a man named after a motorway service station? Toddington Harper rides to the rescue...

Tesla Model 3 Long Range: First impressions

What's it like to collect a new Tesla? Mike spends three weeks with his new China-made Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It was love at first sight and, so far, the romance continues. But what will the future hold?

Want a cheaper electricity deal? Try Octopus for home and car

It pays to look around for the best electricity supply deal, especially if you own a battery electric vehicle. Mike untangles the enticing tentacles of Octopus

Locks Ajar: A trip to two favourite spots with old Hektor in tow

The locks are off and the prison door is slightly ajar. Time for a first trip in the Jaguar I-Page to two favourite locations and with a strange lens in the bag...

Interrupted relationships in the Lockdown of 2020

In the space of six weeks, our horizons have shrunk to what they were 200 years ago. We're in danger of becoming too parochial in these days of house arrest.

Electric cars and saving a bit of dosh

I'm not one for constantly swapping and changing energy suppliers to gain a temporary advantage here and there. At home, I've been with the...

The electric revolution: Will the infrastructure be ready by 2032?

The EV revolution is upon us. But the goal posts keep moving and there is little chance that electrification targets for 2032 or, even, 2035 can be met. Will it all end in tears?

Britain’s motor industry and the plug-in future: A visit to Gaydon

How practical is an electric car? I'm on a strong learning curve as I get to grips with the new Jaguar I-Pace. But its excellence is tarnished by the dreadful EV charging infrastructure in Britain. Only Tesla is doing it right. The rest, including Jaguar, are fast gurgling down the plughole. A new approach is needed if we are to meet the new 2035 targets.

In at the deep end with the Jaguar Monochrom: Part II

Six hours to cover 125 miles in a fast electric vehicle. Surely not, until the Jaguar Monochrom met a nightmare traffic jam on the way home.

Electric Cars: Ready for the mainstream?

All change at Macfilos as the editor jumps from a smelly old diesel car to the latest technology in the shape of Jaguar's rather stunning I-Pace. Will he be disappointed. Let's find out....