Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Interrupted relationships in the Lockdown of 2020

In the space of six weeks, our horizons have shrunk to what they were 200 years ago. We're in danger of becoming too parochial in these days of house arrest.

Electric cars and saving a bit of dosh

I'm not one for constantly swapping and changing energy suppliers to gain a temporary advantage here and there. At home, I've been with the...

The electric revolution: Will the infrastructure be ready by 2032?

The EV revolution is upon us. But the goal posts keep moving and there is little chance that electrification targets for 2032 or, even, 2035 can be met. Will it all end in tears?

Britain’s motor industry and the plug-in future: A visit to Gaydon

How practical is an electric car? I'm on a strong learning curve as I get to grips with the new Jaguar I-Pace. But its excellence is tarnished by the dreadful EV charging infrastructure in Britain. Only Tesla is doing it right. The rest, including Jaguar, are fast gurgling down the plughole. A new approach is needed if we are to meet the new 2035 targets.

In at the deep end with the Jaguar Monochrom: Part II

Six hours to cover 125 miles in a fast electric vehicle. Surely not, until the Jaguar Monochrom met a nightmare traffic jam on the way home.

Electric Cars: Ready for the mainstream?

All change at Macfilos as the editor jumps from a smelly old diesel car to the latest technology in the shape of Jaguar's rather stunning I-Pace. Will he be disappointed. Let's find out....

Charging Points in Focus: What about the roadside parker?


It's all very well owning an electric car when you have a drive or a garage. Plugging in is no problem. But what if you have to park on the street? It's an infrastructure nightmare that will have to be faced in the next decade by towns and cites across the world.....

2040: The all-electric Utopia as carbon fuels fizzle out


Ban all those petrol and diesel cars! In a supreme exercise in wishful thinking the British government has announced that after 2040 no new internal-combustion cars will be sold. Mike has already been there, done that and he has just a few reservations.....

Major inventions of the 21st Century: Apple has three


What do you think is the most important invention of the current century? Could it be the iPhone, the Nissan Leaf or the Nintendo Wii? Or, perhaps, the iPad?

Batteries, batteries, batteries: Where we go from here?


For the past twelve months I've been testing a Nissan Leaf, the all-electric motoring solution. Surprisingly, not only is it supremely quiet and economical, charged from my home port, it is fast, comfortable and very refined. In fact, it feels like a small limousine, considerably more refined even than an equivalent Audi A3 or VW Golf. I would buy an electric car in a heartbeat if it weren't for one snag: Range.