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Apple Wireless Keyboard, ideal minimalist input device


This week I’ve been renewing my acquaintance with Apple’s Wireless Keyboard (£57, $69) and can’t help being re-impressed by the sheer design flair, minimalism and functionality built into such a small device. Although I’ve had one around for a couple of years, I’ve used it mainly with iPhone or iPad when away from home. For the desktop I have stuck faithfully to Apple’s full-size USB keyboard, mainly because I do a lot of number work and I do like a dedicated number pad. But I got fed up with the cable trailing across the desk.

As an input device, though, the Wireless Keyboard provides probably the best typing experience ever. Key travel is short and firm, the keyboard sits firmly on the desk and the low front profile makes typing with wrists on the desk completely effortless. I also like the way the keyboard matches the profile of the Magic Trackpad (£60, $69)¹. And I am prepared to love the MagicWand device from Twelve South ($29.95, seemingly not available in the UK Apple Store yet) which connects the wireless keyboard and the trackpad to make one svelte input unit. The pad can be mounted left or right.

What I miss, though, is a keypad and I do wonder why Apple haven’t produced one with identical dimensions to the Magic Trackpad. It seems a no brainer to me. With the aid of the MagicWand we would then have the option of keyboard with trackpad or with number keypad. Or even both, if we could get Twelve South to conjure up a LongWand.

Of course, with all this stuff attached, the diminutive Bluetooth Keyboard is no longer quite as minimalist. But at least we have the flexibility and choice.


¹ Why is the Magic Trackpad £3 more expensive than the Wireless Keyboard in the UK when it is the same price in the USA? The mysteries of Apple’s pricing policies know no bounds.


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