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Red Dot takes over the definitive Leica Pocket Book


  Red Dot Photo Books
Red Dot Photo Books’ Ivor Cooper: A new force in photographic books for Leica fans (image Mike Evans)

Good news for Leica collectors this week. The Leica Pocket Book, perhaps the most popular reference volume for Leica cameras, lenses and accessories through the ages, is under new management. Red Dot Photo Books, a new division of the London dealer, Red Dot Cameras is now at the helm. The latest edition, the 8th, was originally published in 2012. The new owners have now issued a 2018 reprint of the existing edition, which takes the Leica story up to the M9.

Ivor Cooper of Red Dot Photo Books says that he hopes the company will develop new titles with particular interest to Leica enthusiasts. He also intends to start deveopment on the 9th edition of the Pocket Book to reflect the advances in digital cameras and the newer lenses which have arrived since 2012.

In the meantime, the newly printed 2018 edition of the Leica Pocket Book is available at a cost of £26.96, plus £2.75 postage in the UK. Check the website for further details



  1. I’m delighted to hear that Ivor has taken over this publication. As well as being a dealer, Ivor is a collector himself and really appreciates the history and development of Leica cameras.


  2. With all the new lenses released since the the 8th Edition was published in 2012, the revised and presumably 9th Edition is likely to be quite a large pocket book. And in future, there will likely be too many Leica lenses and cameras to fit into a ‘pocket size’ guide. At The Leica Society 2013 AGM Weekend held at Corsham, Nobby Clark and Brian Bower gave a presentation on how they revised and edited the 7th Edition to produce the 8th Edition – I recall they described it as being a mammoth task. I wonder who will be responsible for actually researching and writing the 9th Edition? Whoever takes on the job will have to devote considerable time and effort to ‘get it right’ … and it will also require translation into as many languages as required to satisfy overseas demand. And there is also the proof reading to arrange … another considerable task. There are many specialist Leica lenses which have never been ‘thoroughly documented’ in any ‘guide’ but which would be of great interest to collectors e.g. all the various ELCAN lenses; the Leitz process lenses including e.g. 400mm and 600mm EPIS lenses (now beloved by large format wet plate workers); all the specialist macro bellows lenses of yesteryear e.g. the Photars, Milars and Summars … some of which are ‘mentioned’ in e.g. Dennis Laney’s books but TTBOMK not thoroughly described /documented (apart from in official Leitz brochures). And there’s also the Leitz/Leica cine lenses. Maybe there’s sufficient potential for a ‘Leica Specialist Lenses’ publication i.e. lenses not generally used on LTM/M/R/SL cameras?

    • Hi there Dunk, The wheels are in motion, we are in conversation with Nobby Clark and Brian Bower, as well as the previous typesetter/designer. Your points have been our concerns as well, and we shall see where the design process takes us in the future. We perceive it will be one or two years until we release a 9th.

  3. PS … Just read on the Leica Forum that RDC anticipate will take 2 years to complete the 9th Edition. I’m curious as to who is actually researching / editing ?

  4. A little bit off the Leica topic but I always remember my father, a keen amateur photographer, would always get the Wallace Heaton Bluebook in the 1960’s. Anybody remember that publication?

    • I think I’ve seen examples at the South London Camera Fair. If I find another I’ll get it and have a delve into the sixties. I’m always fascinated by the advertisements in these old books/catalogues.


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