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New Panasonic S5 picture leaked


More information on the forthcoming lighter-weight Panasonic S5 has come to light, including this photograph leaked by Nokishita in Japan. It looks remarkably like the S1 although, as we already know, it is slightly smaller than the G9 and weighs only 714g.

Through a glass darkly – but the family resemblance is beyond doubt

Our contributor Jason Hannigan in Melbourne has pointed out that the new camera steals a feature from the high-end S1H that isn’t available on other models in the range. This is Dual Native ISO which will provide advantages for videographers in low-light conditions.

Jason also suggests that the S5 could replace the S1 as the entry-level full-frame model in Panasonic’s lineup. I tend to agree on this. If the leaked specification turns out to be accurate, the S1 appears to offer nothing much more, other than a larger viewfinder and a bigger battery. And it weighs over 1Kg. It would make sense to let the S5 cater for newcomers to L-Mount photography while reserving the S1R and S1H for the pro user.

UPDATE: Panasonic has announced it will hold an online launch event for its new full-frame mirrorless camera, the Lumix S5, on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 3 pm British Summer Time.

Rumour sites are now predicting that the Panasonic Lumix S5 will be launched in the first week of September. It will be very interesting to see the recommended price in view of recent reductions in the street price of the S1. I predicted that the S5 will be sold in a kit form together with the Lumix 20-60 S zoom. It’s a rather odd (but, I suspect, surpassingly useful) range in comparison with the 24-70 S Pro lens which fits the usual profile.

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  1. It looks like a deliberately ‘leaked’ photograph to me: ie, a specially created photograph with just enough detail, produced as a ‘teaser’ in order to generate interest ahead of the full launch. I imagine the recent ‘leak’ of specs was the same. I’d be amazed if embargoed press packs weren’t doing the rounds as we read this, and probably some ‘test’ models too.

    • Almost certainly correct, Andrew.

      Lumix Ambassador Matti Sulanto has just done a video stating that he’s bought a Sigma 45/2.8 for his L-mount cameras due to its good size. I won’t be surprised in the least if it emerges that he currently has an S5 to put through it’s paces.

      You can guarantee that if the camera is only a few weeks from announcement then someone, somewhere, is testing the beta and preproduction models for Pana.

    • You are absolutely right, Andrew. Panasonic always produces these leaked shots. If the camera had been in the wild, some enterprising leaker would have taken a proper shot, even with a smartphone.


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