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Juicy deals on Panasonic’s S5: Two superb lenses and a body for under £2k


The Panasonic launch offer for the S5 full-frame camera is looking extremely attractive. Preorders placed before 30 September 2020 are eligible for a free 45mm f/2.8 Sigma lens as a form of “lens-back” redemption from Panasonic.

Why is this such a good deal? Well, the S5 kit, including the unique 20-60mm Lumix S zoom, retails for a pound under two grand. And the free Sigma brings the effective price down to around £1,500. The free Sigma means even more saving. You can choose to take a free XLR adapter instead of the Sigma lens, however. This offer applies to the UK market, although I believe similar deals are available in other countries. Check with your local Panasonic dealer. 

A special offer from Wes Photographic

When you bear in mind the value of the Lumix 20-60 zoom—it normally sells for over £600—and the Sigma 45mm (around £500) you are getting the S5 body for about £1,000. That, for a full-frame 24MP system body to complement your Panasonic S1R or Leica SL, has to be a wonderful deal. I would definitely recommend buying the kit rather than taking the body alone for only £200 less. That unusual 20-60mm zoom, despite the relatively slow f/3.5-5.6 aperture range, has the makings of a perfect companion for the S5 and I think it will work as well on the SL2 as does Panasonic’s other kit zoom, the 24-105mm Macro.

Great deal

The bonus Sigma 45mm is also a great lens. It is the only compact prime available for the L-mount (discounting the Leica TL 18 and 23mm APS-C lenses) and it will match the S5 perfectly. It’s a great carry-around lens on the SL2 and even looks just right on the Leica CL. The Sigma is the first of what I hope will be a range of smaller primes in the f/2-f/2.8 aperture range. It was designed to complement the Sigma fp which is so small that any of the available fast primes look out of place.

For £80 more, at £2,079, this kid includes the 20-60mm lens, a spare battery and the useful “shooting grip”—plus, order before the end o f September 2020 and you could be eligible for a free Sigma 45mm lens from Panasonic under the “lens-back” scheme

This deal is one to go for in my opinion and I’ve already placed my order with Wex Photographic at their new Milton Keynes showroom. Manager John Murphy is an ex-Leica friend and brings a wealth of specialised knowledge to the table. I’ve added in the shooting grip and spare battery for just £80 more. Who doesn’t need a spare battery? So, for £2,079, I get the camera, 20-60 zoom, shooting grip and spare battery—plus Panasonic’s free Sigma 45mm as a tempting dessert. It’s an opportunity not to be missed if you fancy the S5, if only for the free lens option.

I see the Panasonic Lumix S5 as a useful second body for an SL or S1 kit. I’ll be reporting on the camera, and the whole kit and caboodle, next month.

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  1. Very tempting. I just paid more than that for a GH5 micro 4/3rds video set-up, but needed it immediately for a gig, so I don’t regret it. I’d be very curious to see how it stacks up for video vs the S1 and vs the GH5.

  2. I have been using the 20-60 since it came out, on the SL2 – it has hardly come off – except for the birds on the summer pond when I use the excellent TL 55-135. Mike – you don’t mention the superb TL 33/1.4 which I think of all the TL lenses is the very best – it’s wonderful – and good looking –on the SL2 and much lighter than the L primes. Not sure about the Panasonic yet – I look forward to your review.

    • Early days but I am most impressed with the Panasonic 20-60mm S lens. It is as wide as I need on my SL, very sharp edge to edge and corner to corner even wide open, fast focusing with no signs of focus breathing and seems to be a higher than usual contrast lens which for me is a real bonus. I doubt if I will use it much on my CL or TL2 as I do not need it for those cameras, but for the SL its a absolute winner, and so cheap I wonder how they can make it for that, and yes it is also superbly finished and made.

    • For me, it’s an easy decision. I tend to buy review items and, if I don’t wish to keep them, sell them on afterwards. I prefer this to relying on short-term loans from manufacturers. A week or so just isn’t enough to get to know a camera. In this case, I had intended to get the 20-60 lens in any case, so even without the bonus of the 45mm Sigma (which I already own and can pass on to a willing buyer) the deal means I can use the camera for a few months and, if I wish, sell it without significant loss. However, I think I might like it… I have owned and liked the Panasonic S1, and the S5 is likely produce the same results in a lighter package.


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