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Billingham Turns True Blue: More temptation for the avid photographic bag collector

Something borrowed, something blue... The new navy blue range of photographic bags from classic manufacturer Billingham is so compelling you won't be borrowing. You'll be buying it.


Billingham is Billingham: A photographer’s icon. Most of us have at least one Billingham bag and it is more than likely to be in the traditional khaki colour of the old fisherman’s carry-all. Yet Billingham has been pretty adventurous with alternative colours, from black to burgundy, to sage green. None of them, however, has succeeded in supplanting khaki in my preference. Until now.

Today Billingham introduces a new colour, and it will be a permanent fixture in the catalogue. A new colour is indeed a big event for this traditional manufacture from England’s Black Country. And navy blue just happens to be my favourite shade, so I can see at least one Hadley Small Pro in my future.

Something borrowed, something blue. But you won’t be borrowing one of these. You’ll be buying. This is my favourite colour, says Mike…

I am delighted to find this new hue infiltrating five of the most popular lines. In all instances, the navy blue canvas will be teamed with chocolate leather and brass, in time-honoured Billingham fashion. And the even better news is that all the bags will be the same price as other colours in the lineup.

Billingham’s Hadley One in the new navy blue canvas

At least one of my acquaintances (who shall remain anonymous, but he’s receiving treatment) has a Billingham in every available colour. It’s almost a bag for every day of the week. So he will now be sorely tempted and the credit card will be overheating. I can’t say I am that dedicated, but I really can’t resist navy blue.

What about you? Are you a fan of blue? Or do you hate it? Will you be sending your old khaki Hadley Pro to Oxfam? Comments welcome below…

The new navy blue colour is available in the:

In addition, the AVEA 7 and AVEA 8 end pockets will be available in the same blue to match the bags.

See Billingham’s website for more details

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  1. I have to say that I prefer the blue over my two khaki bags. However, I am loyal to items that have never let me down so khaki bags are secure in their home. However, they may need a little sister some day.

  2. I can’t actually envisage myself spending money on such a BULKY bag, however good the quality. If I compare with the Hadley Small, the latter seems to me to have a much closer fitting top (Though the little pinched corners look like potential water-traps.) I like small cameras in small, close fitting cases – so maybe I shouldn’t be commenting at all. Don’t want to spoil anyone else’s pleasure………..

  3. Love it. If I were in the market for another Hadley Pro, I would choose this colour. These days the small Billingham S2 works well for my Leica CL and three M lenses and looks stunning in its red/chocolate colour combination. Long live Billingham.


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