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High-price Nikon L rangefinder fetches €398,000 at Wetzlar auction

This 1958 double-stroke M3 supplied to the Bundeswehr in NATO oliver-green paint finish sold for €93,200 despite the low starting price of only €8,000.

Last weekend’s Wetzlar Auction, with remote bidders tuning in from all over the world, achieved the world’s highest price for a Nikon.

The early prototype Nikon L, a rangefinder with Leica screw mount, achieved €397,900 after a spirited bidding war between two on-line customers. According to Wetzlar Camera Auctions’ Lars Netopil, this is the highest price ever achieved at auction for a Nikon camera.

Lars Netopil said that the market for Leica collectibles is still strong, and some record prices bore this out. These included a Bundeswehr M3 outfit in NATO olive green which sold for €93,200 and the first example of a Leica IIId, with serial number 360001, which went under the hammer at €49,700.

You can find the full results from Wetzlar Camera Auctions here

Via Leica Rumors


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