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iPhone 4G: What to expect on June 7


Author: Michael Evans

After four months of quick-fire announcements from Apple, with the announcement of the iPad, followed by the launch; the updates to the MacBook Pro line and the details of the new iPhone 4.0 OS, we are now just a month away from the expected launch of the new phone. Some people think that we will actually get our hands on the new phone in June, but most bets are on an announcement followed by a July store availability.

As usual, the rumours are in overdrive. A couple of weeks ago we had the story of the lost suspected 4G iPhone that was subsequently bought by Gizmodo and revealed to a ready audience. Few people seem to think that this lost phone was other than a genuine prototype, if not a near-production model. For once, therefore, we probably have a fairly good idea of what we are going to see at the June conference in San Francisco. More to the point, expectations have been raised and there will be a great sense of disappointment if the new phone doesn't materialise on the date. 

Apart from the physical aspects of the new device, which is expected to include a front-facing camera for chat use, the new OS, already announced, promises significant improvements even for owners of existing iPhones. Not least of these improvements is a form of multi-tasking which has been in demand ever since the introduction of the first model in 2007.


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